Post photo: Kraftwerk record cover (2018)

If two spirits part, it's this music group. My better half just finds this kind of music horrible, but I think every note is successful and I also think that Kraftwerk's performances are more than enchanting every time.

I bought my first Kraftwerk record in 1978 and "the human machine“ Heard up and down. Later I found it very fitting to buy the Kraftwerk albums on CD.

Power plant was founded in 1970 by Ralf Hutter and Florian schneider founded, who each performed with two other musicians.

Both started under the name "Organisation" and released the album "Tone Float" in 1970, only to make their debut with the album "Kraftwerk" in the same year.

"Kraftwerk 1971" was released in 2, followed by "Ralf und Florian" (1973), before they achieved international fame with "Autobahn" in 1974.

"Radioactivity"(1975),"Trans Europe Express' (1977), 'The Man-Machine' (1978), 'computer world' (1981) and 'Electric Café' (1986) rounded off her oeuvre.

In 1991 I still treated myself to "The mix' and years later the 'Tour de France Soundtracks' (2003) and 'Minimum-Maximum(2005).

My last Kraftwerk record purchase so far was in 2020, again as an LP, when I treated myself to "Kraftwerk, Live im Kölner Sartory Saal, 22. März 1975" (2018).


It couldn't be more fitting because today, October 30, 2021, Kraftwerk was inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. You can find a FAZ article on this here.

"The living culture of Central Europe was cut in the '30s, and all the intellectuals went to the US or to France, or they were eliminated. We take back that culture of the '30s at the point where it was left, and this on a spiritual level..."

Ralf Hütter, Rock & Folk Magazine (1976)

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