Corruption scandal involving EU politicians

Feature photo: EU official flag for digital use | © Council of Europe / EU
The article also appeared on the Website of the EUROPA-UNION Germany.

Shock in Brussels. Howls of triumph from EU haters. A Vice-President of the European Parliament is arrested. suspicion of bribery. The Gulf Emirate of Qatar, the new football superpower, doesn't just seem to have bribed FIFA. Next to the Greek socialist Eva Kaili is being investigated against at least three other suspects. According to the first excited comments, the European Parliament has been damaged. Why actually?

The European Parliament is and remains one of the most transparent parliaments in the world. His lobby register is exemplary. The German Bundestag is also lagging behind. The Qatar scandal involving a few MEPs and trade union officials will not change that.

Rather, this scandal shows that Europe functions under the rule of law. There is no power in Brussels trying to cover up what is happening around Kaili. Clarification is called for unanimously. How different would this be in authoritarian states or the sham democracies that unfortunately now also exist within the Union.

Even the best lobby registers and transparency regulations do not help against criminal activity and the temptation of petrodollars. However, strong constitutional institutions such as the Belgian public prosecutor's office help. The independent judiciary and the free press help.

The presumption of innocence still applies. However, if those who are now being investigated are guilty of a crime, they will not escape their just punishment. For the European model, based on democracy and the rule of law, this is not a black day but a great moment.