local election campaign

Post photo: Have questions? | © Shutterstock

Beginning 2019 I wrote about the fact that I enjoyed the Heilbronn local election campaign, although I was far from achieving the goal I had set myself. In the meantime, a good three years have passed, although recently it was still here on the weblog Michael George Link MdB has reminded that again Halftime on the council at a hunt.

Yesterday then has Josip Juratovic MdB at our first European breakfast pointed out the importance of political engagement at the local level and today I sat with them Herbert Burkhardt and Christian Spörer together to determine the upcoming steps of the Free Voters in Heilbronn.

Since I recently joined the Free Voters – Freie Wahlervereinigung Heilbronn e. V. was elected chairman, I can no longer avoid starting to think about the upcoming municipal election campaign — this time not only as an active election campaigner, but also as one of the responsible coordinators for the entire election campaign of all free voters in Heilbronn.

The advantage for me is that I don't have to worry too much about whether the Free Voters will put me on their list again in 2024, because I should have earned one of the 40 places on the list by then. And so I'm already looking forward to a very interesting pre-election campaign, which will certainly continue seamlessly into the next municipal election campaign.

If you have already thought about running for the municipal council and you also have your main residence in Heilbronn, then you are welcome to contact me. As already written in 2019, after the election is always before the election.

However, there are two sides to every coin, and so - as a consequence of today's conversation - I probably won't be able to avoid getting a few additional social media accounts again. I already know who else besides me will not be very happy about it either. But if you say "A", you have to say "B" for better or for worse.