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In the mid-1980s, I was seized by a new passion for collecting, namely not only drinking Scotch, but also putting aside a bottle of it from time to time. From 1990 it was the single malt that particularly fascinated me and with which I tried to get hold of as many different varieties as possible. This passion for collecting lasted for a good 25 years, so that I was able to get hold of one or the other bottle of this spirit that was matured in wooden barrels.

Now that I'm in the process of sifting through my stocks, I'll sort them out and present some of them here from time to time. It's best to start with one of the "three best known friends", the Johnnie Walker, a Scottish blend that now belongs to the Diageo beverage company and was one of the best-selling whiskeys for many years. 

Many people are familiar with the company logo, the "Striding Man", even if they have never drunk whiskey themselves in their lives, because this logo has accompanied the brand since 1925 and can now be seen or seen everywhere. Those who are in their younger years Marius Müller-Westernhagen heard, know his song Johnny W. from the album "With peppermint I'm your prince“ from 1978 and were perhaps tempted at the time to get to know the original a little better. The first sentence of this article, the one with the three good friends, probably also dates from this time.

Even the younger ones among us are certainly familiar with the “Moorhuhn”, which as a computer game shut down entire office communities from 1998 and can still be found in various versions on mobile phones and computers today. This computer game was initially a promotion for this whiskey.

In a previous post here on my blog, I write about a book by Haruki Murakami. This leaves in another novel, his book Kafka on the beach from 2002, a demonic force in the guise and outfit of Johnnie Walker occur.

initially became Johnnie Walker probably only drunk as a blend that was at least three years old, a legal regulation that came into force at the beginning of the First World War and stipulates a minimum period of three years for barrel storage. This is still the main brand today and is now listed as the Red Label.

To start with and also for in between I recommend the Red Label, if necessary you can also mix this whiskey with other drinks without getting too bad a conscience. If you like Johnnie, you can also devote yourself to the longer-aged varieties, although I would like to point out that starting with the Double Black, you might try to get to know single malts, which are then similarly expensive.

Recognizing this, Johnnie Walker once offered a pure malt and now offers fans of the brand other labels that can compete well with the most expensive single malts, at least in terms of price.

I always enjoy drinking Johnnie, regardless of the brand, and in a bar especially when I can't tell how long the other brands on offer have been open; he has this with his two friends Jim Beam and Jack Daniel's together.

The bottles of Johnnie Walker, which I still have in my own collection, have been there so long that this whiskey was still distilled in the last millennium, preserving the taste of the good old days; Just looking at these bottles makes me think back to the 1980s and 1990s again and again. For many, these short journeys through time are also the reason why they like to grab a glass of whisky.

"There is more friendship in a half pint of whiskey than in a churn of buttermilk."

Irish proverb
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