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The statement was just flushed into the timeline that there can be no blog without an annual review. When I think about it a little more, I have to attest to myself that I've been doing something wrong since at least 2005. And a quick look at this weblog shows that my last one, even better known to me, Annual review from 2001 originates. But maybe that explains quite well why my readership does not reach the number that is otherwise so common with “real” weblogs.

When I look back on the year that is now coming to an end, the first thing I notice is that all family members — at least those I know — have survived this pandemic year quite well in terms of health, with the oldest family members recently also becoming acquainted with COVID- 19 were allowed to do and this shortly after politicians declared the pandemic over.

The Chinese, who must without any ifs and buts be regarded as the cause of this pandemic, have now also found that a somewhat more lax "health policy" can certainly get the "problem" with older or weaker people under control. In doing so, they are probably solving some of the consequences of their one-child policy.

And our politicians are becoming a little bolder again, because they can now assume that their own health is hardly at risk - and, as is well known, we have far too many older fellow citizens anyway, who will probably hardly have anyone else in the upcoming, more important elections role will play.

In any case, I'm glad that my own family is in good health. Thanks to good doctors, advances in medicine and the tireless efforts of my better half, I also have my own health under control again.

This year also offered a few very positive developments, because Maximilian, after having successfully taken up the honorable profession of paramedic, now also became a lieutenant in the infantry and is now studying educational sciences in Munich. Konstantin, who at least managed to become a paramedic and recently obtained his master's degree in political science in Konstanz, is now doing a master's degree in administrative sciences in Ludwigsburg and Kehl. And so I am not worried about my two sons.

There were also two weddings, that of my nephew Sebastian, also a paramedic by the way, who married an artist colleague this spring and can now imagine a career as a musician. The summer wedding was in the midst of European Federalists and my better half and I were very pleased that more Young European Federalists had found their partners for life, reminding me once again that common interests are the best basis for a happy marriage are.

Oh, and there was also my sixtieth birthday to celebrate, which among other things ensured that we met again as an extended circle of friends. My personal highlight of the year, however, was a stay in California, which was able to take place again after a somewhat longer absence. My better half and I particularly enjoyed the game nights with Ursula.

And there have also been positive changes in my voluntary routine. On the one hand, I have improved my reading aloud at Dammgrundschule and at meseno. Well motivated by the studies of my two sons and yet something of Detlef Stern challenged, who, by the way, is still one of my favorite people to talk to, this year I accepted a teaching position at Heilbronn University. And now I'm excited to see if my students will prove in February that I can still do it. In any case, I have agreed again for the coming semester, because either I have to prove that my success is not a flash in the pan, or I have to make huge improvements. After that, Detlef might have to come up with something more to keep me at the university.

Because on the other hand have it Heiner Dorner and Herbert Burkhardt managed to intensify my involvement with the Free Voters and took over the office of Heilbronn chairman in the summer. I was very happy that my better half took this as an opportunity and also became a free voter and especially that other friends followed me to this Heilbronn association.

However, my main focus is still on the EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn, and everyone will understand that these times in particular pose great challenges for us European federalists, which now also have to be overcome at the local level.

My better half wouldn't be herself if she hadn't managed to get me to attend dance classes and practice dances all year round. Even if she doesn't believe it, I like these "times out".

And I continue to write my first novel only occasionally but very well. By the way, the idea of ​​writing a novel didn't come from me. And anyone who reads my weblog regularly should already know the background. In any case, these writing attempts show me that I am certainly not a writer. I usually finish what I start, but I'm not sure when this novel will be available to read. In any case, my better half will be its first reader — a little revenge, so to speak.

Well, now it's time for me to finish my writing for this year! I wish my readers a Happy New Year and I hope that no fireworks fall on anyone's head or feet!

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