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Based on a positive concept of integration and the fact that up to a third of our population has to be integrated into the existing political and social structures, the successful integration of citizens with a migration background into our society is fundamentally a voluntary matter. Both the integration efforts and the support of "old-timers" must come from the citizens themselves.

The aim of all state efforts should be to promote the integration of new citizens and their descendants into the existing structures. It should be noted here that the integration of new sections of the population is not exclusively a one-way street, but inevitably also entails changes in the existing structures. Successful integration is also difficult to quantify, but its effects can be experienced qualitatively at any time.

Long-established parts of the population should identify with the integration desire of new citizens, but at least tolerate it, especially if these are not isolated cases and effects on their own, original way of life are to be expected.

Therefore, in my opinion, a target specification of the final state to be achieved that is valid for all those affected is necessary. It is important to orientate oneself to this socio-political goal:

The European idea, based on the Basic Law and the German language, offers a promising and goal-oriented approach.

This approach has been pursued by EUROPA-UNION Germany (EUD) for years. The idea behind the EUD is already an essential part of any integration. On a large scale, the integration of Germany and other states into a united Europe and, on a smaller scale, the integration of its citizens into the regional structures.

That is why the EUD promotes a united and unified Europe, tries to break down prejudices and to formulate a final goal (European Union) that is bearable for everyone.

Recognizing the migration movements and their consequences right from the start, the Heilbronn district association of the EUD has been campaigning for a better understanding of the different parts of the population for decades and continues to strive to break down prejudices on a small scale through information and cooperation and to have an integrative effect.

With the meeting point Europe, which takes place in May of each year on Kiliansplatz in Heilbronn, the Heilbronn district association of the EUD, in close cooperation with the city of Heilbronn, created a successful integration instrument at the end of the 1980s. Above all, by addressing the emotional level of all parts of the Heilbronn population, a "we-feeling" is developed and promoted as a prerequisite for successful integration.

The successful implementation of the European Meeting Point has thus developed into a valid and worthwhile goal for all those involved and has undoubtedly become a successful integration instrument over the years.

During the meeting point Europe, fears and prejudices are reduced through joint celebrations and sustainable and helpful connections are made.

Right from the start of the preparations for the meeting point, the groups with a migration background are taught not only the improvement of the language requirements, but also content that they can also apply beyond the Europe meeting point. At the same time, their understanding of existing urban and civic structures in Heilbronn is improved.

In the course of the preparations and in cooperation with the "foreign" groups, "long-established" groups can for their part examine and break down their prejudices.

Via the <strong>integrated datalog</strong> the measuring values can be stored on the humimeter RH5 paper moisture meter and additional data can be added. You also have the possibility to use the Autolog function. This function automatically saves measuring values in adjustable time intervals. Meeting point Europe In addition, new citizens are integrated into existing structures in Heilbronn and become an essential part of Heilbronn society, its clubs and parties.

"But one thing is also clear: integration only works if families of all cultures take their children's right to education seriously. Politicians have to ensure that.”

Marcus Hasselhorn, 10 Leibnitz researchers look to the future (2016: 8)

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