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On Our Own Behalf

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This weblog is run by me purely privately without the intention of making a profit. And so I'm always happy when I get feedback on the weblog, as it's the only real "recognition" I get for my related work. And based on my own experience over the years, I can assure everyone that maintaining a website is real work.

That's why I'm taking yesterday's comment on my weblog as an opportunity to write this post.

And right from the start, as a self-confessed Amazon customer, I will of course take the opportunity to generate my own income (Affiliate program) to generate for me. But Amazon would probably not be such a successful company if you could actually generate significant income from it. And if advertising should enrich my weblog, I will probably allow this too, not because it could generate income for me, but because it flatters me every time a company sees my weblog as suitable for their own advertising. You can also donate to my weblog. And this solely because the idea of ​​the shaking coffee cup (here my play instinct was "triggered") quite a lot. For me, all these "money-making gadgets" are actually just a good and reliable indicator of how my weblog is doing on the Internet (billions of websites) in general.

But now back to yesterday's comment by Klaus F. Of course you can move around my weblog without any danger and thus also press all the "shaky cups", buttons or hyperlinks of this weblog. In extreme cases, one finds oneself on an Amazon website and is tempted to buy there — of course I assume no responsibility for such purchases.

And why is my weblog doing so much work?

Quite simply because I care about my own safety and that of my readership. And so the weblog is the result of my own experiences on the Internet.

I am personally the operator of this weblog. The corresponding domain was registered under my own name and the weblog was registered as a German medium at the German National Library (ISSN 2701-0082).

The server of this weblog is operated by a German company in Germany, regularly checked and maintained. The software that I use for this weblog was checked in advance by myself, purchased and, if necessary, licensed accordingly. All external hyperlinks are checked by special software once a week for their validity and that they continue to reach the stated goal.

To ensure that all the software on this weblog runs reasonably smoothly and does not damage my weblog or my readers' computers, I have installed two security packages that check the proper operation of the weblog and also analyze cookies set by the software and then shut them down if necessary. Additionally, this software also tries to keep hackers and spammers away. And so that the spammers don't get the upper hand for my weblog, Google also checks the comment functions of this weblog again.

In addition, I have disabled registration for my weblog. This means that only users who have been personally activated by me can access the blog or its forums. This again eliminates the possibility of malware or other code getting onto the weblog.

And so that it stays that way and my readers can move safely on Kümmerle's weblog, I have my weblog checked daily by two independent companies for malware or corresponding code. Once from SIWECOS and once from SiteLock, so twice every day!

Actually, one does not have to mention it anymore, namely that all data of my weblog and all subpages are transmitted tap-proof, namely with the secure hypertext transmission protocol (https).

I hope that I have at least dispelled Klaus F.'s concerns. And I dare say that using Kuemmerle's weblog is safe for all users; apart from the content of my own contributions and comments, which can and should definitely leave their mark on the readers!

"Blogging is a form of popular writing in which ordinary individuals (as opposed to professional writers) publish their thoughts and musings, usually in short pieces displayed in reverse-chronological order, in a blog (short for "web log"), a website designed for collecting such self-published pieces.”

wikiquote, March 13, 2022

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