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What are hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks or simply links are the characteristic feature of the Internet, which greatly simplify navigation in the World Wide Web. With their help, websites, databases or individual files can be connected regardless of their storage location. It is only then that the entire bandwidth of the Internet can really be experienced by the user.

In simplified terms, hyperlinks can be seen as digital footnotes and cross-references, just as they already exist in analog scientific literature.

The big problem with hyperlinks is that many of them lead more and more often to digital nirvana and their long-term validity can therefore hardly be guaranteed.

A small collection

Although hyperlink collections are also becoming more and more out of fashion for this reason, I am listing a few hyperlinks here that I like to use myself from time to time.

  • Apollo

    An exemplary website not only for those who watched the Apollo missions on TV back then, but for everyone who is enthusiastic about technology and research.
  • Bellingcat

    International research network. Founded in 2014, it now has around 20 employees, who are supported by other freelancers.
  • German National Library

    The two libraries in Frankfurt and Leipzig are not only worth a visit “online”. Kümmerle's weblog can be found there under ISSN 2701-0082.
  • ERF Bible server

    Here you will find very quick access to German-language Bible translations. The ERF sees itself as a source of inspiration based on the Bible and encounters other beliefs with serenity and a willingness to engage in dialogue.
  • Europeana Collections

    Europeana Collections offers access to more than 50 million objects in digitized form - books, music, artworks and more. Advanced search and filtering capabilities make it easier to find what you're looking for.
  • Flightradar24

    A website not only to deepen one's own wanderlust, but also to avoid accidentally taking civil aircraft out of the sky. Two Swedes started a hobbyist network of ADS-B receivers in 2006 so they could track aircraft worldwide.
  • Getty

    Getty is far more than a museum, villa and institute. You can get a quick idea of ​​this on the Getty website.
  • Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU)

    The HAEU in Florence has existed since 1983 and has now brought together a very extensive collection of archives from all over Europe and is already making some of them available in digital form.
  • Internet Archive

    Since 1996 this website has been trying to archive the internet. Over 300 billion pages have now been backed up and can be viewed via the Wayback Machine. Always a good opportunity for me to indulge in old memories.
  • KUSC

    The University of Southern California Classical Radio has been one of my favorite stations for a very long time and the website has always been a good source of information on cultural happenings in the Los Angeles area.
  • Low tech magazines

    The fact that the website only goes online with solar power alone is worth recommending. And their content is something for technology lovers.
  • Gutenberg project

    This website is the first provider of eBooks. Michael hart, the founder of the project, invented e-books back in 1971. The website is still one of the best sources for good books today.
  • Peanuts

    Charles M. Schulz used a group of American suburban children to describe the contradictions in human life every day for decades. These children now also have their own website.
  • Snopes

    Since 1994, Snopes has been testing rumor and fact for relevance and accuracy. In the meantime, this website is a good overview of everything that moves the world, at least the English-speaking one.
  • Heilbronn City Library

    The city library has many digital offers, including interlibrary loan and access to Brockhaus and Britannica.
  • The Art of Dr. Seuss [no longer available]

    His 44 children's books are a must-read. That Theodor Seuss Geisel could do much more, as this website shows.
  • What is my browser

    A website to quickly determine which operating system and which browser you are using, which IP address you currently have or which screen resolution you are using, and from which location you are logged on to the Internet.
  • Central directory of antiquarian books (ZVAB)

    The ZVAB has been the online second-hand bookshop for German-language titles since 1996. More than a thousand professional antiquarians offer countless antiquarian, used or already out of print books as well as sheet music, graphics, autographs and postcards for sale.

Newspapers & Magazines

Newspapers and magazines that I like to read regularly can be found in my post newspaper reading conducted in 2020 by Prof. Dr. René Spitz.

"Trust matters. In the network world, trust is the most important currency.”

Eric Schmidt, University of Pennsylvania Commemoration Address (2009)

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