Topics of the Hertenstein Talks

Hertenstein Round Table 2017

Entry photo: Hertensteiner discussion group 2017 | © EUHN

So far, the following topics have been dealt with and discussed in appropriate discussion groups:

European federal state

  • Future structure of the EU as a European federal state (2017)
  • Future structure of the EU as a European federal state, e.g. Federalism & Democracy (2018)
  • The forthcoming EU Future Conference – Prelude to a new constitutional convention for Europe? (2020)
  • Why do we need the United States of Europe as soon as possible? (2021)
  • Is the EU Strategic Compass calibrated correctly? (2022)

Foundations of Europe

  • Religious/philosophical basis of the EU (2017)
  • Legal, religious and philosophical foundations of the EU (2018)
  • Social Europe (2019)
  • Necessity of parties for the social balance of interests (2019)
  • European Monetary and Fiscal Policy (2020)
  • The European Citizens' Initiative - What we know after almost 10 years (2021)


  • Necessity, Foundations, Types, and the Ideal Federalism (2019)
  • Integration of incompatible or newly immigrated sections of the population (2017)
  • History of the European Idea and the European Federalists (2019)
  • We are not alone! – Networking and Impact of European Federalists (2020)

We people

  • The social aspect or the social configuration of Europe, e.g. Integration, Inclusion and Assimilation (2018)
  • Man, his needs and fears as the driving force and limit of politics (2018 and 2019)
  • Europe as a project – what does that mean for Europeans today? (2020)
  • We bring European citizenship together! Using opportunities for encounters using France as an example (2020)
  • What has the corona crisis done to the European self-confidence of Europeans? (2021)
  • Which European 'turning point' do we Europeans need? (2022)

networking of Europe

  • Quo vadis Europe?! (2017)
  • The importance of the transatlantic relationship for Europe (2021)
  • Europe at war!?! (2022)
  • European defense after the war in Ukraine (2022)

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