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Feature photo: Discussion group 2022 with Michael Georg Link MdB

In-depth political discussions are no longer found as often as many politically interested people would have thought. And if it is a very specific target direction, even less so. And so, on the one hand, we European federalists are glad that we the establishment of such a discussion event has been successful, but on the other hand we are sweating blood and water again, wondering whether we will be able to find enough discussants this time who will take the trouble to spend a whole day talking to each other about European topics in a concentrated manner.

True, it takes a lot of enthusiasm and commitment to travel to Heilbronn from all corners of Europe for a day of discussion, especially since each participant bears his own costs. It would be easier for the people from Heilbronn, they just had to remember the date and go to the talks on Saturday, September 23, 2023 Parkhotel Heilbronn kommen.

This year we have chosen a very attractive location for the Hertenstein Talks, which is also in the center of the city and can therefore be easily reached by everyone. Since the talks last a whole day, we have provided catering for the conference, the culmination of which is a joint lunch. Therefore, this time we have to charge all participants a conference fee, which is reduced to 10 euros for European federalists. All other participants pay 20 euros.

Since some of the participants will arrive the evening before, we will also meet on Friday evening in the Cash 10/42 of the park hotel. A good opportunity to get to know one or the other participant, moderator or speaker a little better.

Unfortunately, we did not succeed in realizing the Europa Ball on Saturday evening as the conclusion of the Hertenstein Talks; here we were a little too optimistic. But we will, together with the Dance School Brenner organize a European party that will offer a successful end to the conversation for both dance enthusiasts and real non-dancers.

And the partners and companions of our discussion participants will also be taken care of. In close cooperation with Heilbronn Marketing we will be able to offer a very interesting supporting program. This is particularly interesting for those who come to Heilbronn from further afield and would like to take the opportunity to get to know the city a little better.

The talks themselves begin on Saturday at 9.00:XNUMX a.m. in the Parkhotel with a welcome and introduction to the individual discussion groups. Already in the morning, among other things Michael George Link MP, John Marsia from Belgium and Prof. Dr. Walther Heipertz from Heidelberg ensure good discussions. Other and also very spontaneous discussion groups are possible at the same time and make the Hertensteiner discussions very exciting again. There is certainly no lack of interesting conversation partners. With Evelyne Gebhardt, former Vice-President of the European Parliament, Nico Weinman MdL and Christian Moss, Secretary General of the EUROPA-UNION, very interesting contacts are available. In addition, members of the executive committee and state executive committee as well as district chairmen of the EUROPA-UNION and the JEF are present all day and thus guarantee very well-founded discussions about our Europe and its federalist orientation up to a federal state. This ensures that the presence of representatives of all democratic parties means that the entire range of ideas about a common Europe can be covered.

Anyone who would like to get an overview of the range of discussions is welcome to access the articles on this weblog that have already been published here by “our Hertensteiners”: dr Walther Heipertz, Josip Juratovic MP, Michael Georg Link MP, John Marsia, Christian Moss, Hans Müller and peter schulze; but I would also like to refer to my contributions on the topic of Europe, which you find can.

This Saturday afternoon is all about our current one Association debate on the development of a Federalist Manifesto, which is to be published before the European Parliament elections on June 9, 2024.

The Secretary General of the EUROPA-UNION Christian Moss will initially introduce the state of affairs and the participants will then have the opportunity to discuss the three main topics "Democratic Europe", "Secure Europe" and "Sustainable Europe" in discussion groups. Since these topics have already been discussed virtually in online conferences throughout the year, we can certainly draw on a wide range of new ideas and concepts. And if you are already in the mood, you are welcome to take part in the online conferences yourself and then report about them first-hand in September.

And we are also expecting more moderators and speakers on these topics and we are sure that the 7th Hertenstein Talks will be a great success again. And like every year, all participants realize that time has flown by far too quickly and they want to take part in the next talks.

Until then, at least I'll be sweating blood and water again, wondering whether we can get enough participants for this year's talks, even though I know that there have already been commitments from the Ruhr area, Strasbourg, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Berlin and Stuttgart.

That's why I would be very happy if my weblog readers would slowly but surely send me their binding registrations — it would make things a lot easier for me!

And all those who are now disappointed that the Europa Ball will not work out in September 2023, I can put them off until Saturday, April 13, 2024, because we have already started a new attempt.

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