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I am writing this article only in view of the current war in Europe, where totalitarian regimes (not only the Russian Federation) and their allies, for the first time after 1950 - they had not let the time after World War II go to waste and, among other things, destroyed the Cossacks - again slaughter a democratically willing people. We have all already forgotten the events in the then Soviet-occupied zone in Germany in 1953 or the uprising of a few daring Hungarians in 1956 - the fact that these brave citizens and their families were all destroyed is not even an entry in the history books for us value.

I had myself retired years ago because of our catastrophic political situation, because I could no longer reconcile this condition with my conscience - fortunately, this path was made possible by my employer - I am still very grateful to all those responsible for that !

The German defense rests on two foundations. On the one hand we deploy troops to NATO to make our contribution to the defense of the alliance (field army) and on the other hand we ensure the defense of our own country and our families with a territorial army (homeland security).

With the accession to government Helmut Kohl (you have to name the culprits by their names!) government tasks and responsibilities began to be increasingly privatised. Due to the political developments at that time — as we all know by now, these are always only momentary events — it was possible to fool the citizens of a peace dividend in a very public way and to start overexploiting and selling out our own security structures.

As a result, a very dangerous mixture of private pursuit of profit and ideological activism became established in German politics ("Destroy what destroys you!" — Gerhard Schroeder is one of these representatives), which was also shaped by Soviet revanchists over the years (The corresponding warning came in 1992 Zbigniew Brzezinski in Foreign Affairs) by corrupting individual politicians through to entire parties in Europe. that itself Angela Merkel was not aware of this clear danger, can be strongly doubted simply because of her personal vita!

Ultimately, however, it doesn't matter whether it was incompetence, corruption or even ideology that ensured that the territorial army and its entire associated infrastructure were de facto abolished in Germany and that the Bundeswehr as a whole was made into a cadre factory for all sorts of political experiments and at the same time only ensured that the field army could carry out tasks of all kinds - except national defense - in Germany in a way that was effective in advertising for the respective politicians. Which is currently leading to the fact that our soldiers do not shoot, but can fill out forms in the health departments, among other things; which doesn't bother us, because our soldiers don't have good weapons or enough ammunition. And anyone who now believes that our German Navy or Air Force is doing better should keep dreaming.

All German defense ministers are primarily responsible for this Volker Ruehe, who have always been and are well informed about all challenges and developments, but have failed to this day to support at least those German citizens who are still willing to sacrifice their lives for our Federal Republic of Germany. When these defense ministers join us soldiers, it is solely for good press photos on their own behalf.

Where do we stand today in view of the current threat to Europe and our country?

The Bundeswehr is currently a better junk shop. My more politically correct comrades put it something like this:

"The Bundeswehr, the army that I am allowed to lead, is more or less blank."

Lieutenant General Alfons Mais

But you can be assured that all my comrades - with or without weapons, equipment and devices - will defend our country and also the other NATO member states. And now we're used to falling for the Federal Republic of Germany simply because of political misjudgments — let's stay politically correct here.

However, in the event of a large-scale attack on Europe - without the use of nuclear weapons - the Bundeswehr together with its NATO partners will probably only build up a first viable line of defense from the Rhine, because we will only be able to delay getting there, certainly with high losses.

And as already mentioned, we no longer have a territorial army. And unlike Ukraine, we have two other major handicaps. we

  • cannot even provide arms, let alone ammunition, to citizens who are willing to defend themselves
  • must also fear that we will find ourselves in a “civil war” sooner than we would like to admit.

reading recommendation

The Return of the Enemy, an essay by Armin Nassehi (Zeit.online from February 25.2.2022, XNUMX)

"We have long had the luxury of staging criticism within democracy as hostility to democracy - from electing an anti-democrat as president of the motherland of democracy to frivolously claiming that democracy per se has failed when you Solution offer does not fit." 

Armin Nassehi, The Return of the Enemy
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