Open the Gesundbrunnen outdoor pool


Post photo: Freibad Gesundbrunnen 2022 | © Heinrich Kümmerle

"The city of Heilbronn will open the Gesundbrunnen outdoor pool together with the other Heilbronn pools in the summer." ... that's what we Free Voters have applied for.

The Supervisory Board of Stadtwerke has decided to close the Gesundbrunnen outdoor pool with the votes of the parties represented in the municipal council (not in public). Parties represented on the supervisory board are now demanding free swimming courses and outdoor pool visits for children, even though the decision to close the Gesundbrunnen was taken. what kind of world

The pandemic has long required considerable restrictions, especially from children and young people. Holiday trips are only possible to a limited extent. So having a holiday on your doorstep is all the more important.

The closure of the Gesundbrunnen outdoor pool in the current situation is a bitter turning point for many children and young people. Summer offers the opportunity to let some normality return outdoors.

Children who used to come to Gesundbrunnen by bike or on foot will not be able to go to Kirchhausen or Neckarhalde so easily.

The opening of the Gesundbrunnen therefore has many advantages, including the fact that considerably more swimming courses could be offered. Parents need the opportunity to practice swimming with their children. Otherwise, unfortunately, at some point we will have a generation of non-swimmers.

Heilbronn has three outdoor pools and should make all baths available to its citizens in summer. I'm happy to answer any questions. Tel.: 280223 or email:

Herbert Burkhardt is an integral part of the Heilbronn municipal council. I got to know him better during our joint election campaign in 2019 and also really appreciate him. So I am pleased that he is now commenting on Heilbronn issues on my weblog.

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