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I'm only writing this post because my Sunday rest was spoiled by loud roaring, amplified by megaphones massively disturbed and made it impossible for me to immerse myself in a book. I also don't like to be made a victim of.

The freedom of movement, liberality and especially the humanity of western societies has led to a new type of business model, to which not only “rogue states”, micro-dictatorships, but also entire population groups, family clans or even individuals are now committed.

One makes oneself a discriminated minority or even a "victim country", which not only has all the rights of a free-democratic world and basic order, but one is released from any corresponding obligations, since this is not required of a "victim". may be.

Because as a "victim" of everyone and everything, you don't have to contribute anything to the common good or even start to be productive - only collecting donations, transfer payments and alms can be seen as regular employment.

And if no one is looking, or you feel a momentary superiority, then all the values, laws and rules that you live by so well are thrown overboard and you become the very worst offender imaginable.

If there are then self-defence actions, for example by groups of states, countries, parts of the population or individuals, one very quickly slips back into the supposed role of victim — and does not shy away from taking care of actual victims even in one's own acquaintance if necessary — and insists loudly and very strongly pushy for even more attention and even more concessions of all kinds.

As a supposed “victim” it is quite easy to live in our societies and within the framework of the United Nations — up to and including the Nobel Peace Prize. And when the income and the comfortable life aren't going so well anymore, or you don't get the attention you deserve as a "victim", then you hijack planes, shoot rockets at residential areas, assassinate or kidnap a few fellow human beings, even threatens to use nuclear weapons or other weapons of destruction until the world public once again recognizes the supposed victim status. It is even more perfidious and intentional that the actual victims — if they do not come from their own ranks — are declared perpetrators.

The great success of this business model will only work as long as there is still a Western world with its values ​​and its infinite tolerance, and is already reaching its limits in some areas where this does not exist - there the "victims" are allowed to then actually see them as victims.

"A man is always the victim of his truths."

 Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus (1960 [1942]: 46)

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  • This quote from Élisabeth Badinter from Weltwoche 13/2004 also fits quite well: “Feminism sees only victims everywhere. The victim has become the great hero of our society.”

    • Is correct! There seems to be more to this new type of “victim mentality” than one spontaneously suspects. In any case, as you can see, the whole thing has been an issue for a long time. And in the case of feminism probably also without “fantasies of annihilation” -> at most those of emasculation.