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From 2020 to 2023, other nice people wrote here on my weblog and ensured that Kümmerle's weblog not only became more varied, but also a lot more informative. But then I decided again to use my blog solely for myself and outsource the guest posts to the blog's forum.

Aurich, Thomas

Thomas Aurich is not only a city councilor in Heilbronn, but has also been on the road as a restaurateur since 1983 with the opening of the "Altstadt" and Heilbronn would be unimaginable without him. I have Thomas Aurich as a very busy and also quarrelsome fellow citizen, who always makes sure that the sidewalks in Heilbronn are still frequented after the shops have closed. So I am particularly pleased that I was able to win him over as a guest blogger.

You can find his posts here.

Birkner, Lothar

Lothar Birkner looks back on an eventful life, he graduated from high school and then completed a commercial apprenticeship. After that, he studied philosophy and history, graduating in 1975 MA (at that time it was still called Magister Artium). Later returning to the commercial area, he worked in the finance area, most recently as head of the finance department of a medium-sized listed company. Left unemployed due to serious differences over business policy. Towards the end of his professional career, he worked as a taxi driver for eight more years. He has been retired since 2014 and occasionally writes books.

Lothar BirknerI've subscribed to s weblog for a long time and added it to my blogroll. So now I am very happy that I Lothar Birkner could win as a guest blogger. 

You can find his posts here.

Burkhardt, Herbert

Herbert Burkhardt is an integral part of the Heilbronn municipal council. I got to know him better during our joint election campaign in 2019 and also really appreciate him. So I am pleased that he is now commenting on Heilbronn issues on my weblog.

You can find his posts here.

Finkbeiner, Hannes

I know the construction guild from my youth, when friends found their place in the "primary job market" through them. Hannes Finkbeiner, the managing director of the construction guild, I got to know better when I returned to Heilbronn, because we became neighbors and were able to spend an entertaining hour or two together.

So I am now more than happy that he is now also writing posts on this weblog.

You can find his posts here.

Heipertz, Walther

Prof. Dr. Walther Heipertz is a doctor and psychologist in Heidelberg. He was medical director of the social-medical services of the German employment administration and taught social medicine at the Technical University of Dortmund.

Since retirement, he has continued to work as a medical expert on issues relating to the performance of people with chronic illnesses that are also caused by psychological factors.

After many years of involvement in party politics, he is involved in the Hertenstein talks For a long time now, the question has been how people can be internally bound to a political project like Europe, which promises them security, but also freedom and incentive to take the initiative and which they trust that with it the challenge of the future - despite countless regional and global ones Difficulties - not only peaceful, but also can be dealt with properly.

So I am particularly pleased that I was able to win him over as an author for this weblog.

You can find his posts here.

Juratovic, Josip

Josip Juratovic has represented the people from and around Heilbronn in the German Bundestag since 2005. He is a member of the European Committee and a deputy member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. As a convinced European federalist, he is constantly working to strengthen democratic institutions in Europe. He has been a member of EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn for many years and deputy chairman of the EUROPA-UNION parliamentary group in the German Bundestag.

i learned Josip Juratovic at the beginning of the 1990s, when we both volunteered to support the affected populations of the Western Balkans at the beginning of the Yugoslavia conflict. Since that time we have been working together in the EUROPA-UNION for a better world.

So I'm particularly pleased that Josip is now using Putin's war of aggression on Europe as an opportunity to write a post on my weblog. I very much regret, however, that now, after 30 years, war, death and unspeakable suffering has broken out again for many Europeans!

You can find his posts here.

With Michael George Link I was able to win another Heilbronn city councillor, who is also a member of the Bundestag for our constituency. As a former Minister of State in the Foreign Office and Director of the OSCE/ODIHR in Warsaw, he mainly writes on European topics in this weblog. I've known Michael since we were young and worked together with the Young Liberals.

Michael George Link is participant of Hertenstein talks.

You can find his posts here.

Marsia, Jean

John Marsia is a retired Colonel in the Belgian Military Administration and President of the European Defense Society INPV (S€D). He is also a European federalist and a member of the UEF Federal Committee.

That's where I learned John Marsia know and appreciate. So I am very pleased that he is now also writing articles on Kümmerle's weblog.

You can find his posts here.

Moss, Christian

Christian Moss was born in Wuppertal, according to his own statements in a European marriage despite Brexit and father of two bilingual German-British teenagers. The historian and political scientist was one of the early Erasmus cohorts and has close ties to France.

In 2011 he was elected Secretary General of EUROPA-UNION Germany for the first time. He was one of the founders of the EUROPA-UNION capital group Europa-Professionell. He is full-time head of the areas of education, Europe and international affairs in the strategic planning staff of the dbb civil servants' association and collective bargaining union.

I am very happy to welcome him as a guest blogger.

Christian Moss is participant of Hertenstein talks.

You can find his posts here.

Mueller, Hans

With Hans Müller I published my first guest author here on my weblog in 2020, because for his very detailed review of my book “Europe is for everyone!” I couldn't imagine a better place. 

Hans Müller is a longstanding member of the EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn; he has earned his merits as the head of the "club history" working group, among other things.

He is not only known to many people in Heilbronn as the former head of the Office for Family, Youth and Senior Citizens in the city of Heilbronn, but also as a seasoned social democrat.

Hans Müller is participant of Hertenstein talks.

You can find his posts here.

Schaffer, Dan

Dan Schaffer is now a retired teacher in the US armed forces and continues to be with the Boy Scouts, the largest US youth organization. Living in Bitburg, he comes from Ohio, although he has remained a true Ohioan to this day.

An Ohio State University alumni, he is a self-confessed fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, including the Ohio State University Marching and Athletics Bands.

You can find his posts here.

Schaffer, Ursula

Ursula Schaffer is a teacher at Realschule Plus Bleialf in Rhineland-Palatinate, living in Bitburg and even more my favorite sister. She wrote, among other things, several comments for a column in the Trierisches Volksfreund. I liked them so much that I asked them to publish at least some of them on my weblog.

You can find her posts here.

Schulz, Peter

peter schulze is chairman of Europa-Union Mannheim and a member of the state board of Europa-Union Baden-Württemberg. He is a founding member of the Europa-Union Luxembourg and worked as a European official at the European Commission in various policy areas in Brussels and Luxembourg until August 2019.

I have peter schulze at the first Hertenstein talks got to know and appreciate. He is now also a very active colleague in the neighboring district of Mannheim. So I am very pleased that he is now also publishing here on this weblog.

You can find his posts here.

Stern, Detlef

dr Detlef Stern has been one of my favorite people to talk to for a few years, especially over a good cup of coffee, and it's also "to my fault" that I became a reading mentor. 

In real life he is Professor for project management, electronic business and software development at Heilbronn University. Attention, his enthusiasm for software is contagious, and so I now use his too note store. By the way, he blogs himself at

You can find his posts here.

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