European regular's table

After my last unsuccessful attempts to get forum writing more popular again, I recently had my last forum closed. And no sooner had this happened than the first inquiries came in asking if they could try again.

So I have now opened a forum here on my weblog, which will hardly cost me any more work and will also be less time-consuming to look after. It also saves energy and costs because I'm running the forum on an existing system — a greener forum, so to speak.

And I was able to mitigate the problem with the many hacks and spams a bit, since my weblog is better secured in terms of the technological structure. I also limited forum access from the start.

Now it's up to the weblog readers whether they want to take advantage of this new offering or not. And the old forum users can re-engage if needed.

In order to make the whole thing clearer, I intend to let the variety of topics grow slowly so that regular users, whether readers or discussants, can get used to the new environment better. However, where these topics will ultimately move and what will actually be discussed is again up to those users who will also actively contribute.

If you want to take a closer look at this, you can find the forum in the navigation under Forum or call the old and still existing domain "" on. This domain is also the reason why this forum is called "European regulars' table".

Of course, all regular European carpenters are also very welcome to exchange information here virtually, as are the participants in the Hertenstein Talks. And if someone from Heilbronn would also like to discuss a local topic, this forum also has its own place for it.

"I never knew any debatable point not maintained on both sides by unanswerable arguments..."

Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Romance and Reality (1831: Volume II, Chapter 21)
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