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Introduction to the topic | eristics | Unfair reasoning | disinformation

I'm not yet sure how best to present the subject without throwing out the baby with the bath water.
Once you start with it, patterns and schemes (abbreviations, exaggerations, generalizations, etc.) quickly become clear, but they are also part of everyday use and are also accepted there. (... and suddenly "one sees ghosts everywhere")
But still, the problem of “fake news” is not just since Donald Trump known, but has been analyzed by some information providers for some time, also in their own interest for the sake of their own credibility. 
An overview of the "fact checkers" with further links can be found e.g. More colorful:
The topic has also been known in philosophy and rhetoric since antiquity, also known as “unfair argumentation” or the “art of debate”. ("Eristik" named after Eris, the Greek goddess of discord)
In response, the EU has launched the “EU vs Disinformation” campaign since 2015 and established an East StratCom Task Force in the European External Action Service, which conducts ongoing analysis.
The task force was created after EU leaders saw the need to counter Russia's ongoing disinformation campaigns (including on and during the COVID pandemic)
For details see
There is also a mail service to which everyone can register.
I am also forwarding the "current disinformation review" on the "trends of the week", which of course deals with the events in the war in Ukraine and the narratives observed ("which of course also in the information space as a war for opinion leadership or for insecurity and destabilization of the political decision-making processes in Europe takes place".
Best regards from Mannheim

of course is Donald Trump not to blame for all misdeeds in this world, but he has "perfected" everything, especially the lousy behavior in politics. Fake news is only part of it.

My current USA contribution is not finished yet. Over there happen z. Currently almost every day new things and inconsistencies.

The prompt reply from Hans Müller but also shows the crux of the issue, because he promptly Donald Trump and the USA, giving the subject a direction that I really didn't want to go in.
Rather, I wanted to address Russia's disinformation strategy and the subtle influence exerted by its "trolls and troll factories."
I think that the forum is well suited to presenting the individual strategies and addressing the political influence exerted on the elections and on BREXIT, as has now become known; also in view of the European elections in 20 months.
I think that we should report here as the Europa-Union. I'll try to give some concrete clues about it:
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Heinrich Kuemmerle

Dear Peter, thank you for your detailed information. I also think that the subject is much broader to put on one Donald Trump to reduce. Especially since the Americans have already shown him the red card. With Hans Müller However, I share the fear that the Republicans have learned nothing at all from the matter and at least one Trump offshoot can get a chance again next time.

Until then, however, the Russian Federation's attacks on the free world are likely to continue to pose the greatest threat to all of us, and Brexit has shown very well what serious consequences this can have. But Brexit has also shown that when it comes to democracy, both the Putin camp and the Trump camp have the same opinion and work well together. I believe that this is proof of the validity of the horseshoe theory and that we in Germany should therefore not make a distinction between AfD and Die Linke. The only difference is between democrats and anti-democrats!

And I also see the topic as being ideally suited to the fact that we, as European federalists, are also taking on it and trying to sensitize our fellow citizens to this.

Brexit has shown what can happen and in Italy it could happen again on September 25, 2022! And that's exactly why we should discuss this topic vigorously - here in this forum too.