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A few well-intentioned rules

We generally address each other by our first names, but we may use you if necessary. For the sake of simplicity, the following notation can be used when referencing or cross-referencing: @"first name"

The administrators are requested to ensure compliance with the rules for communication on the weblog and in the forum. All forum users are called upon to consider the relevant comments and information.

Personal attacks against other forum users or social groups, insults and discrimination based on religion, nationality, sexual orientation, age or gender are expressly prohibited.

Posting and commenting on illegal or offensive content is not permitted on the forums.

Discussions that are not intended for the public should not be conducted in the forums.

Please refrain from naming your private data or that of your discussion partners. Postings and comments with an address or telephone number must be deleted for data protection reasons.

Mark quotations and always state their source.

Justify your own opinion with comprehensible arguments.

Before you "send" your comments, reread them carefully and ask yourself the following questions: "Could someone take my comment as an insult?" Could someone misunderstand him? Does it reflect what I want to express? Do you really want everyone to know my opinion?”

Further information on the topic:

Here are general netiquette rules for public chat forums that I recommend reading:

And here you will find the netiquette guidelines (Request For Comments: 1855) from 1995, which are recognized on the Internet, for more detailed reading:

In short, the tenor is: There are also rules for reader comments: "Every opinion is justified, every assertion is documented."

Admittedly a very difficult task, but we should at least try.

Of course I am at your disposal for further questions. You are welcome to use any means of establishing a connection available on this website.

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