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Entry photo: Heilbronn Majorettes 2009

We Heilbronn are not children of sadness and we never miss an opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.

There's plenty of that in the entire city Scope and with the regular brooms also premises that are known far beyond the region, which give the sociable togetherness a very special Heilbronner touch.

But it is the Heilbronn festivals and celebrations that I would like to go into in more detail in this article.

German-American folk festival

For years, the Wharton Barracks were the venue for this very special kind of folk festival. Especially when it was still mostly organized and held by the American community itself, it had an unmistakable charm. I still have fond memories of the ice cream bombs in the cardboard boxes.

German-American folk festival at Wharton Barracks in 1983

A good 10 American fellow citizens lived in Heilbronn from 1951 to 1992.

Unterland / Heilbronn folk festival

The Unterland folk festival has been known as the Heilbronn folk festival since 2016. It has been held annually since 1947, always at the end of July on the Theresienwiese and has now attracted a good 250 visitors.

Impressions from the Heilbronn folk festival 2018

Meeting point Europe

This has been the case for over 30 years Festival of International Understanding takes place on Kiliansplatz in Heilbronn and attracts a good 20 visitors on a single Saturday in May. To this day, this festival is a purely voluntary event organized by the citizens of Heilbronn for the citizens of Heilbronn and their guests.

Meeting place Europe 2008

Heilbronn wine village

The Heilbronn wine village has been celebrated around the town hall in September every year since 1971. Since I grew up in Sülmerstraße, I was able to experience this festival from the beginning and therefore also have a relationship of its own to this celebration.

The wine village now also attracts a good 250 visitors from near and far to Heilbronn, who can choose the tastiest wine from over 000.

Heilbronn Wine Village 2019

As soon as I think of another festival, I will add it.

"One thing I wanted to tell you: never miss a party!"

Sam Berns, My philosophy for a happy life (December 13, 2013)

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