Europe Day 2008


Post photo: Heilbronner Rathaus | © Wolfgang Loesche (1998)

As a trading center located on important trade routes, Heilbronn has been connected to the world beyond the region since its foundation. Citizens of Heilbronn traveled and always welcomed travellers.

Italians settled in Heilbronn during the Industrial Revolution and integrated into our community. Even at that time, Heilbronn was economically attractive, cosmopolitan and thus a magnet for citizens from near and far. In return, people from Heilbronn sought and found their fortune far away.

Long before the “European idea” became common knowledge, citizens of Heilbronn also sought to close ranks with like-minded people in Europe and founded town twinnings.

1965 relations with the southern French city Béziers, 1966 with Port Talbot in the UK, 1981 with Solothurn in Switzerland, 1982 with Stockport in the UK, 1988 with Frankfurt (Oder) - at that time still in the other part of Germany - and ten years later, in 1998, with Frankfurt's sister city Maid tied in Poland. These relationships have been cultivated and expanded over the decades. In addition, our schools sought and found partnerships, for example with schools in Grenoble in France.

Many of us took the chance and got to know and appreciate the country and its people in this way. Friendships, even marriages, were formed.

Whole generations of schoolchildren owe their good knowledge of foreign languages ​​and their intercultural competence to these partnerships; essential foundations for professional and interpersonal success.

2008 marks the 20th anniversary of the twinning with Frankfurt (Oder) and the 10th with its sister city of Slubice. Let us take this opportunity to reflect again on our town twinning.

Let's revive our town twinning. Let's seize the opportunity to open up Europe together with our partner cities and to shape our future in Europe. Together, unimagined possibilities open up for us.

The Heilbronn district association of EUROPA-UNION Germany would like to continue to make a stronger contribution to this. As committed Europeans, we promote a common Europe and the integration of its citizens.

We therefore advocate the increased expansion of relationships among ourselves and between our states, countries, cities and communities.

We want a Europe for all citizens. We want everyone to feel at home anywhere in Europe and to be able to realize their potential - including here in Heilbronn!

That is why we have been organizing the Europe Meeting Place on Kiliansplatz in Heilbronn together with the city of Heilbronn, Europe-oriented associations and partner cities for almost two decades.

Together we promote a united Europe in diversity in the heart of Heilbronn. We want to show all Heilbronners and their guests that you can live and celebrate together peacefully and for the benefit of all. We would also like to arouse interest in Europe, its different cultures and its people.

In addition, the Heilbronner EUROPA-UNION promotes the European idea with information events, trips to the European institutions, lecture events and discussion rounds and hopes to be able to inspire and win over many people.

Europe is too important to leave to others! Europe is our present and the future of our children - let us continue to expand and shape Europe!

Take advantage of the opportunities that Europe is already offering us today. Get to know our Europe, here in Heilbronn as well as in one of its countries.

Seize the opportunities that this diverse and united Europe offers!

Our partner cities offer you good starting and starting points as well as assistance. Send your children on a student exchange. Get to know languages ​​and cultures.

This knowledge brings you closer to Europe and its people - we will all benefit from it.

After all, what would Europe be without its citizens, its towns and communities!

“There is no way to peace; peace is the way."

AJ Muste, in The New York Times (November 16, 1967: 46, Debasing Dissent)

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