Europe Day 2006

Feature photo: British Houses of Parliament with Big Ben | © Pixabay

Sixty years ago, exactly on September 21, 1946, visionary Europeans at Lake Lucerne in Switzerland did that Hertenstein program adopted. Shaped by two world wars, they demanded a European community on a federal basis. With the transfer of sovereignty rights, they wanted European civil rights in freedom and security for all peoples of a European nature. Since those days, the EUROPA-UNION has also been working tirelessly and across party lines in Heilbronn for the European idea of ​​creating a united Europe and the integration of its citizens while preserving the uniqueness of all its peoples.

In addition to a large number of actions, including the initiation of town twinning and student exchanges, it has always been important to the EUROPA-UNION to actively approach the people of Heilbronn and to promote the European idea, to take away fears, to mediate and thus to contribute to the success of Europe.

In addition to a large number of events such as trips to the European Parliament in our neighboring countries as well as podium discussions and lecture series, the EUROPA-UNION has organized the annual Meeting point Europe on Kiliansplatz. Carried by the idea of ​​a free and united Europe in diversity, young and old, whether Heilbronn "Urgestein" or "Neig'schmeckte", celebrate together with music and dance. Culinary offerings from all the countries of origin of our foreign fellow citizens provide for the physical well-being.

The European Union now has 25 member states and other applicants are striving for membership. Peace, stability, open borders, vacation trips to our neighboring countries and a common currency are now a matter of course for us and our children; the associated prosperity and freedom of movement are almost "enforceable". It is certain that our European civilization has already firmly anchored its centuries-old experiences and convictions in all areas of politics, economy and culture and has thus attained a strength for which all other states and people on earth envy us.

Nevertheless, the most recent events and the reactions of our fellow citizens make it clear to us that we Europeans not only have to recognize the strength we have gained ourselves, but trust in it and continue on our successful path based on it, so that a rich, strong and united Europe can make its contribution can be made to the World League of Nations.

That is why the EUROPA-UNION continues to campaign for a common constitution, for the accession of all peoples of European nature and their complete integration in peace and diversity. Even after sixty years, the Hertenstein program remains valid!

On the occasion of this year's meeting point of Europe, we are publishing this brochure for the sixth time, on the one hand to promote the meeting point and on the other hand to bring you a little closer to the EUROPA-UNION Germany and its ideas.

"History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives."

Abba Eban, in The Times (December 17, 1970)