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All meetings are based on the following principles, the adherence to which actually makes a meeting a meeting.

  • Preparation
  • exchange
  • postprocessing

If only one of these three essential points is missing, one can no longer speak of a meeting. At best, it's a friendly conversation. 

However, I have to admit that there are also successful cultures that have allowed nice conversations to flourish, preferably over a meal together, and can thus make all meetings obsolete. This is also a way -- but not the one I prefer.

It becomes problematic when the two cultures meet and there is a mixture of both forms of communication. I have had the privilege of witnessing this for more than ten years and advise anyone affected not to let this become a habit.

It is a stroke of luck for everyone when people meet who know the differences between the two systems and who can move around in each of these systems without having an accident. Because then the successes are not only foreseeable, but an incredibly high productivity is also achieved.

For first questions, all is mine Question & Answer page available.

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  1. In recent months I have noticed that more and more scooters and motorbikes are being parked in the pedestrian zones (FGZ). At Marrahaus Süd, everyday life is that you rattle through the FGZ with the dirt slingshot and then park by the bike racks...

    Recently and drastically: I cycle through the Schwibbogengasse and want to park my bike on the corner by the ice cream parlour. There are two heavy machines in the FGZ that are just being started. A young woman with a child sits on the first one and really accelerates so that everyone benefits too. I walk up to them and ask: "Excuse me, why are you parking in the pedestrian zone?". She grins at me and gives me the middle finger. The second machine approaches loudly from behind. The driver wants to get off and calls over: "What do you want son of a bitch anyway?"

    I spare myself my answer "You don't even know my mother" and push my bike into the FGZ, they don't follow me ...

    1. I've also been complaining about that for years, my better half and I have often been hit by all sorts of road users in the pedestrian zone when we were walking. The police and public order office are obviously looking the other way on instructions from the top management and refrain from doing anything to guarantee a minimum level of traffic safety in the pedestrian zone.

      And I don't even talk about our rabble anymore, I just state that antisocial behavior can no longer be tied to the wallet.

  2. I don't contradict that, I have been anchored in the cultural scene for more than 4 decades and have worked for many years at events (Deutschhofkeller, Bürgerhaus Böckingen vault, youth center Schillerstraße, then OLGA-Halle ...) ...

    One reason for the lack of viewers could be in the comedy house. There are a variety of jokers.
    Whether this is the task of a highly subsidized company is a matter of controversy.

  3. I have an extremely ambivalent relationship to the Kulturkeller: a claustrophobic room with uncomfortable seating.
    I used to be there a lot and, for example, visited the most pathetic local fun group ever, the Gauwahn (creepy).
    The room is also unsuitable for film screenings, but that doesn't stop the KoKi from doing so. I co-founded this association, co-managed the first years at Cinemaxx and then left because I see no future for the project.

    1. Even if I can understand your arguments and don't know a good Heilbronn fun group myself, one has to acknowledge that there are still a few Heilbronners who continue to strive for the Kulturkeller, even if, according to Heilbronner's voice, the spectators should stay away. And I believe that this commitment should be supported.

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