Featured Photo: Spain Rodriguez's depiction of Main and Fillmore in the mid-1950s | © The Buffalo News

The good news is still there. One such is that the German Museum of Books and Writing in Leipzig opened the collection at the turn of the year Armin Abmeier with US underground and independent comics.

The first underground comics were probably created in the 1950s and have now become an independent art form as underground and independent comics. The of Armin Abmeier The collection compiled from the early 1960s to 2012 includes comics as well Graphzines, artist publications, illustrated books, magazines and secondary literature as well as records, videos and other objects.

Since large bundles of early artist comics rarely come onto the market, it can be considered a stroke of luck that the acquisition of the unique collection - with a focus on well-known comics artists such as Art spiegelman, Robert crumb or Mark Beyer – made possible by the museum.

So it is more than understandable that the German Museum of Books and Writing published its own press release on December 21, 2021.

Among the first of these comics artists count Vaughn Bode, Robert crumb, harvey kurtzman, Harvey Pekar, Spain Rodríguez, Gilbert Shelton and Basil Wolverton, who come not only from North America but also from Europe and thus testify that our two cultures have at least one great thing in common.

Other well-known artists are peter bagge, los bros, Dan Clowes, Kim Deitch, Steve ditko, Bill everett, fletcher hanks, Jack Kirby, Joe Kubert, Boody Rogers, dave sim, joe simon and Alex Toth.

This is how a visit to the German Book and Writing Museum in Leipzig are worthwhile if you want to get a good overview of underground and independent comics.

If you are more interested in Francophone comics, you will find the Belgian comic center a good contact point in Brussels.

Both museums have one thing in common, you really have to have a soft spot for this kind of art, otherwise such a visit becomes very boring.

"Underground comics had offered something new...unselfconsciously redefining what comics could be, by smashing formal and stylistic, as well as cultural and political, taboos. Then, somehow, what had seemed like a revolution simply deflated into a lifestyle. Underground comics were stereotyped as dealing only with Sex, Dope and Cheap Thrills. They got stuffed back into the closet, along with bong pipes and love beads, as things started to get Uglier".

Art Spiegelman quoted in Sabin Roger, Comics, comix & graphic novels (1996: 122)

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