A market hall for Heilbronn

Feature photo: Markthalle Stuttgart (Source: Website banner)

The desire for a market hall in Heilbronn has been coming up again and again for many years. Most recently, the Reim area, better known as the parking lot at Käthchenhof, or even the Käthchenhof itself was discussed. A market hall in Heilbronn's core city would also be a successful addition to the weekly market, which takes place regularly on the market square.

The time for a Heilbronn market hall also seems to be more than ripe, as many citizens are again increasingly looking for regional or, even better, local products and are willing to pay a little more for them. In addition, a market hall would not only make the offer available over a longer period of time, but also more independent of the weather - an advantage that should not be underestimated in an internet-savvy world.

And combined with suitable drink and snack stands as well as small restaurants, another attraction not only for the students of the Heilbronn University and colleges and the tourists who are increasingly striving to Heilbronn. 

The market hall would come at the right time to keep up the Heilbronn innovation and attractiveness trend even after the end of the BUGA. 

"Old and young, we are all on our last cruise."

Robert Louis Stevenson, Crabbed Age and Youth (1907: 19)

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  1. That was the concern of the Free Voters during the last election period and we have to include it again this time! Greetings Irene

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