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The year is 2021 in Germany, and the first fellow citizens who grew up with computers themselves are already going into well-deserved retirement.

But that doesn't stop our politicians and administrations from continuing to describe digitality and the Internet as new German territory. The most recent highlight of German ignorance and lack of education are the vaccination centers, which actually managed to organize their documentation in paper form after months of preparation!

For a better understanding, that has the same quality as if the Heilbronn professional fire brigade would move out with bucket sprayers to a major fire.

Irrespective of the fact that no new structures are created at the beginning of the crisis, but rather that prepared measures are introduced and, if necessary, further adapted as the crisis progresses, it shows how far our politicians and their administrations have already moved away from the reality of our living environments - the ones for it responsible politicians and officials have managed to create their own cloud cuckoo homes in economically good and politically safe times, in which they lead their very own lives undisturbed by all turbulence.

This also means that for decades people have been prevented from building a fiber optic infrastructure, digitizing administrations, not to mention the school and education system or even the tax and health systems.

The Berlin Republic has managed one thing, in addition to the exemplary restoration of imperial monuments and buildings, leading our country and our society as a whole into the digital Biedermeier period, which the most weighty chancellor of all time announced to us at the time as a spiritual and moral turn - we would have to look at a more precise one description must exist. And when he even promised "blossoming landscapes", we should have asked, for whom?!

But I don't want to sound so fatalistic, because we've been given the "new identity card" for a lot of money, but it's of no use, at least in Heilbronn, unless you want to check your account balance in Flensburg every day.

You could use this without major difficulties — in some countries this works without any problems — to identify yourself or even pay for tickets or food in canteens.

Absolutely inconceivable for us that the COVID-19 vaccination certificate would also be documented there - it would make sense and the infrastructure is already in place.

In return, however, soldiers of fortune — with good connections in politics — can now earn stupid and stupid money on apps and other products, and do not even have to prove that their products are needed at all or that they work.

In our case, however, politicians then close ranks with the population by jointly demonizing the successes and achievements of other countries or even companies, which ultimately ensure that we in Germany also have Internet and can fall back on a wide range of digital products and services that none of us would want to do without.

And should our politicians wake up in the next few years and actually want to start a "digitization offensive", then we can take our time to look for the old instructions for use for fax machines and prepare ourselves for the fact that we will soon be making the most expensive telephone calls and the most expensive media will have — but that makes us world champions once again!

"The Internet is new territory for all of us, and of course it also enables enemies and opponents of our basic democratic order to endanger our way of life with completely new possibilities and completely new approaches."

Angela Merkel, press statement (June 19, 2013)

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