The "Berber" from before no longer exists

Post Photo: FR2 Project of the Construction Guild | © construction guild

The homeless used to be called “Berbers”. Just a few decades ago, homeless people would roam the whole country, from social welfare office to social welfare office, from vicarage to vicarage, looking for a place to sleep and a warm meal. The bitter cycle from unemployment to homelessness to life on the streets led to migration movements throughout Germany.

Those times are long gone. The “Berber” from back then no longer exists. But homeless people do, and the number is increasing every year. Hamburg has the highest rate of homelessness among major German cities with almost 19 people. Even in the supposedly solid city of Stuttgart, 000 people live without a home.

The unemployed but well qualified and physically robust homeless of yore is extinct. Those who live on the streets and without a roof over their heads today are often chronically ill and mentally ailing. The numerous walkers in our new Heilbronn reception and integration center show that the age limit has also shifted towards older people affected.

Where do the residents come from in our Project FR2? The vast majority, around 80 percent, come from the urban district. They are people between the ages of 18 and 82 who previously lived on the streets, with friends, family members or in homeless shelters.

Among them are people from a wide variety of clinics and therapy facilities who would have to live and spend the night under the bridge or on the park bench without our offer.

Our waiting lists are long – too long. 19 people are currently registered for the exceptional home and ten people for a place in the integration home. A hospital apartment is available in the FR2 project for discharged patients who are not yet fit enough to survive on the streets. Another room is reserved for women who have experienced violence and have no other place to go. The need is there, the houses are fully occupied.

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