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Contribution photo: Visit to the information stand

Today almost everyone who is running for the Heilbronn municipal council had gathered on Sülmerstrasse, with several right-wing radical and right-wing extremist groups visibly worsening the climate. And as we learned from passers-by, they actually came in sheep's clothing today; which probably made one or two of the corresponding voters so unhappy that they unloaded their frustration, their confused ideas and their political opinions on us. At least once I had to hear that it was finally time for another Adolf Hitler would come to power. One of them briefly considered whether he wanted to get into a fight - but he just insulted our stand crew as useless people who live at the expense of the "working" class. You could immediately see what he meant by work that day, because he carried his beer purchases home.

We Free Voters stood with our campaign tractor right near Berliner Platz, only the CDU got there quicker this time. And so you could easily see how the Left, the FDP, the SPD and the Greens set up their information stands and advertised their ideas and ideas to the people of Heilbronn. But the discussions also showed quite well that here you can still say and mean whatever you want - which immediately counteracted the opinions of some that you would be silenced very quickly here. Using the example of the AfD, you can currently clearly see how long it can take until anti-democrats, enemies of the state, traitors and avowed racists are taken out of circulation here. And so the discussion was also about whether a democratic state can, should or even must defend itself against enemies of the constitution! I have a very strong belief in this and would rather ban the AfD today rather than tomorrow. Many discussants have a completely different opinion and still believe that it makes sense to discuss with these fellow citizens, even worse, that people who vote for the AfD are not Nazis, but simply people who are simply dissatisfied — and a little racism or chauvinism is only half as bad.

I compared this to a football game where a referee has to take a team off the field if they refuse to play according to the applicable rules or even insist that handball should be played. And in a democracy it is no different!

But that doesn't mean that I'm satisfied with the overall situation, no, not at all, I also see a very clear and huge need for action. We have to change a lot in our country in order to establish a somewhat normal economy and society again! But that doesn't mean that we have to become Nazis, fascists, monarchists or communists.

The Free Voters offer themselves as a democratic alternative for Heilbronn to all Heilbronners who are also not satisfied with the current situation or not at all. For those in Heilbronn who were happy with everything, there were the other Democrats' information stands today.

Since the discussions overall didn't get much better that day, we decided to end our information stand and take a look at the democratic competition. Representatives of the extreme left were not at the Left stand today and so there was a short chat there, then we went to the FDP, where I went with them Nico Weinman could discuss one or two election campaign problems. The CDU was immediately faced with the same problem, although tempers there slowly calmed down again. Thomas Randecker seemed to agree that one or two problems could be reduced somewhat. And we free voters would also prefer to engage with our fellow citizens on the content rather than counting beans with the city administration.

The SPD was about one of my blog posts, whereby Tanja Sagasser-Beil promised me another comment, which she sent me in advance by email. Josip Juratovic agreed with me on another matter that it was absurd that a Nazi portrait is still hanging in the town hall - he probably didn't coordinate with his Heilbronn comrades. In any case, I once again announced to the comrades on site that there are people in Heilbronn who will not let it go Hans Hoffman continues to grin so prominently in the town hall.

Finally there was a visit to the Greens, then we left Sülmerstrasse again and made our way home.


It's really good when you're at least with other bloggers - very up-to-date with Stefan Rose — can read that they are also in favor of a ban on the AfD. I missed such consistency with today's party representatives, from the SPD to the CDU. Worse still, the SPD likes to promote Antifa, but fails to take action!

Come, Spirit of Pentecost! With May delights
Refresh our thirsty human heart!
Complete, complete as you began,
The salvation of the soul, conquer the pain!
O make us noble and joyful and free,
And create us the heart of May again.

Come, Spirit of Pentecost! With tongues of fire
Proclaim the truth, stand your ground!
People still sing with one mouth
Hallelujah to you from all over the world:
This is how the weather beam comes out in May,
But then it will be spring everywhere.

Eduard Baltzer, memories: pictures from my life

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