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A side effect of the Russian attack on the entire Ukraine and the further acute threat of e.g. B. the Republic of Moldova by the Russian Federation is that the storm departments of West German parties from the more left spectrum are increasingly concerned with denying democracy to the United States of America.

The fact is that without the courageous use of Joe Biden, which mobilized all US forces and means to once again save the free Europeans, we should have already made very big concessions to the Russian Federation and at least sacrificed the Baltic States as well; but the EU would probably have been converted into a post-socialist annex of the Russian Federation. 

There are many signs of this, e.g. B. has himself Marine Le Pen especially in today's election campaign, increased cooperation with Vladimir Putin and demanded a departure from the United States. Gerhard Schroeder and Victor Orban have long been ardent admirers of this dictator, and even the official representatives of the SPD are only ducking a little so as not to openly flaunt their otherwise good relations with the Russian dictatorship.

And even in the more bourgeois parties there are many "Putin understanders", which in recent years has meant that there has been a cross-party understanding of all Russian aggression with its many murders. Well-meaning one could argue that the expectation of getting cheap oil and gas from Russia has severely limited not only one's understanding of human rights, but also that of democracy.

But if you sell your stocks for gas and oil, you shouldn't be surprised if you wake up one day in a dictatorship.

But back to the allegations that are now being increasingly leveled against the USA: “Since at the latest Donald Trump it is absolutely clear that the USA is no longer a democracy.” We were all able to witness how this president was voted out after four years.

This doesn't count, however, since people now like to talk about the well-known US gerrymandering and the fact that the US tries to keep unwanted voters away from the ballot box. Both manslaughter arguments in the eyes of the West German left that the USA is no longer a democracy. What do these ladies and gentlemen want to achieve with this right now?

Are we trying to get us to believe that Putin is on a crusade to rid Europe of the US anti-democrats?

But regardless of that, yes, the USA has problems with the understanding of democracy among some of its fellow citizens!

But is it that much better for us? Isn't pointing the finger at other people just a way of suppressing your own problems?

Here, too, constituencies are constantly being reorganized, and I can still remember very well how, after such a reorganization, the SPD got its chance and celebrated itself for this tedious work in reorganizing the constituency. What is the difference to "gerrymandering"? One could look at these constituency changes in our country from this point of view.

And recently the electoral law was changed in Baden-Württemberg, and the initiators did not hesitate to explain that they wanted to counteract the fact that the voters voted differently than the parties would like and therefore had to be adjusted through this reform.

Worse, in the recent elections in Heilbronn, less than 31 percent of eligible voters, including entire sections of society, cast their votes.

And if you also notice how these groups of voters are deliberately excluded by the parties, then we are probably a little further along than the USA. This exclusion exists, otherwise active party members of these groups would not describe themselves as the "quota Turk" or "alibi Turk" of their party.

Another sign of our own democratic deficit is that for a very long time the citizens have repeatedly been demanding “more democracy”, “more citizen participation”, “more transparency” or “more direct democracy”.

That's why I advise these party trolls, especially in the current situation, not to point the finger at others, but to work in their own party to ensure that democracy gets better again - as long as we still have a chance.

Marine Le Pen could already ensure tonight that we will soon no longer have a chance to do so. And if she doesn't succeed, there will be other politicians here in Europe and also in Germany who won't take long to ask for the new governors of Vladimir Putin to become.

"The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'"

Issac Asimov, A cult of ignorance, Newsweek (21 January 1980)