Can campaigning be fun?!


Featured photo: two Free Voters campaigners

Apparently, not only Heilbronn's Lord Mayor is hoping for May 26, 2019, some city councilors say they are happy when election day is finally over.

I have a completely different opinion. Perhaps also because the election campaign, which is slowly picking up speed, is becoming more and more fun for me.

In addition, I think that the election campaign is not only suitable for giving more thought to one's own positions and opinions than usual, but also for conveying these to one's fellow citizens as well as possible - clearly the more difficult task.

As you can see, I want to leave no stone unturned in order to win as many votes as possible for the Free Voters on the one hand and on the other hand to unite as many votes as possible for myself.

My goal is, and now even more so than before, to become a city councilor in Heilbronn myself.

The beautiful and exciting thing about it is that it's not just up to me, but many other people from Heilbronn must also want to vote for me and then ultimately do so too!

That's why it's exciting right up to the end, and I can already say that everyone should make use of their right to stand as a candidate, because the experience gained is definitely worth it.

“The best place for politicians is on the election poster. There he is carriable, soundless and easy to remove."

Vicco von Bulow

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