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Today I do not want to write about Heilbronn, even though this would be tempting, but contrary to the statements from the town hall and its court reporters, our city is not the center of the world, but rather a European city with a fluid transition of lighting conditions at the beginning and end of the daylight changing into night.

We still remember when seasoned politicians like Walter Hallstein, Jacques Delors or Jean-Claude Juncker as Commission Presidents, steered Europe through what have always been wild waters. We also remember how European right-wing circles literally put a career politician into power in 2019, who had already demonstrated her incompetence in two ministerial posts, namely Ursula von der LeyenWe Germans, who were completely nationalistic, were happy to be able to deport them to Europe (“highly praised”). True to the motto from ancient times: “If you have a grandfather, send him to Europe!” And there von der Leyen is now practicing as the European Hindenburg. We certainly still remember that, namely when in 1933 Paul von Hindenburg, which today has a Joe Biden as a youth, a Adolf Hitler paved the way.

The foundations for this European maneuver to seize power were laid as early as 1974. Men like Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle soft-boiled, national circles created the European Council, contrary to all agreements and treaties, not to move Europe forward, but solely to ensure that circles that had since re-established themselves retained influence and power - the renationalization of Europe had thus begun.

Perhaps some people still thought at the time that renationalization (“Europe of fatherlands”) would remain the only option, since on the one hand people had learned from history and on the other hand the anti-democratic forces in Europe were a manageable minority.

In the meantime, however, the balance of power has clearly shifted "to the right" again, towards anti-democracy. I don't mean that because we Europeans are not democrats, but because we were pushed and pulled in that direction by established circles, with incompetent democratic professional politicians who only think of themselves and their own interests paving the way out of democracy for us.

People like Donald Trump and Victor Orban have now achieved cult status and can do whatever they want, just like far too many mayors across the country. And here too, professional politicians get away with anything, no matter what, from mask deals to Cum-Ex or even the sell-off of our entire infrastructure.

And those politicians who actually still struggle and want to save our democracy and Europe are simply drowned in the media flood of democracy and Europe bashing, which is carried out by illustrious figures such as Sarah Wagenknecht, Alice Weidel, Markus Söder or Bernd Höcke shaped and dominated.

The change to night will come — just as there will be a dawn for us again in a few years (note: if you want to be really desperate, you always need a spark of hope!) — with the Council Presidency of a Victor Orban, who openly talks about Vladimir Putin under a blanket.

Next week Marine Le Pen to cheer, Geert Wilders is already smiling and Giorgia Meloni has long been forging new axes. The European Eastern Zone feels truly understood for the first time since 1990 and is expressing more and more openly what far too many of us also think, namely that the Jews alone are to blame for their own stupidity, laziness and ignorance - OK, and a few refugees.

We Europeans have always learned from our own history! Tomorrow Ukraine will fall and the day after tomorrow the whole world!

But he remains terrible to us, and we only see
Down into the grave, even though he brought us to perfection
Leads, from the covers of night across
In the land of knowledge!

Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, from “The Future” (1798)

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  • While some celebrate shallow entertainment politics and the "Jewish People's Front" quarrels mercilessly with the "People's Front of Judea", the dark side of power (in Heilbronn it is the Black Side) takes over. Almost no one seems to care. The entertainment junkies lack education, every "People's Front" only sees its own interests. Hardly anyone thinks beyond their own nose. Strategic thinking? None. At least on the bright side, which is not so bright after all. The main thing is that everything is nice and comfortable, cozy and superficially useful. When in doubt, people point to the alleged/presumed mistakes of others. Whether a Mr. Strauss said something questionable in the 50s/60s/70s/80s of the last millennium and acted even more questionably is of no interest to me. The man is dead. For some, he is only useful as a friend or enemy image, who miss the essential point.

    It is pointless to discuss whether one can "learn from history". Hardly anyone is interested. Each side of power can use the past as a case study. Of course, the mechanisms of propaganda (aka public relations) are known to everyone.

    What remains is hope and the sometimes present striving for an (ethically) good life. But that is also just hope. Hope for insight, for good actions by others.

    Thanks for the intellectual stimulus, Heinrich.

  • I doubt anyone has learned anything from history!
    Didn't the disgusting FJ Strauss in the 50s he uttered the famous phrase "If anyone picks up a gun again, it will fall off him" and then, as Minister of Defense, pushed for the renewed rearmament of the Federal Republic of Germany? He brought the screenwriter of the Nazi hate film "The Eternal Jew" into his ministry as an advisor... He has learned nothing from history.