Kummerle Consulting

We care!

Our decades of cross-language and cross-cultural experience in a wide variety of management, administrative and association functions guarantee expert and solution-oriented advice and action tailored to your needs in order to achieve your goals.

In addition, we develop and promote the skills of your employees in training and further education tailored to their respective needs. We are also happy to take over the design and operation of your website.

Since 2022 we have only been accepting inquiries and orders from existing customers. We have also moved our website to Kümmerle's weblog.

However, we look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions!


Werderstrasse 135/1
D-74074 Heilbronn

Tax number: 65250 / 48804

telemail: info@kuemmerle.eu
Phone: + 49 151 15294050
Fax: + 49 3212 1020913
LinkedIn: Kummerle Consulting