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Yesterday I was still admiring CDU posters on the avenue, which have been hanging there completely illegally since June 12, 2024, 10.00 a.m. I don't really care about this, and since new Free Voters posters keep appearing in the city, some of which I even missed during the election campaign, I have even had the greatest understanding for all the volunteer poster-hangers who first put up the posters, then checked and repaired them, and now obviously still put in a lot of effort.

And as I have already written in the blog, it didn't bother me that posters of all our competitors were hanging completely illegally on traffic signs, in front of schools and public buildings. And it certainly didn't bother me that we Free Voters were not the first to hang our posters in public spaces in Heilbronn.

But now I found the first hearing in the fine proceedings between the city of Heilbronn and Heinrich Robert Kümmerle for illegally hanging up Free Voters posters in my mailbox. What's interesting is that I'm being threatened with further fines.

But it would be even more exciting to know whether I am the only Heilbronn citizen against whom the city of Heilbronn is investigating in this matter, and whom they have been constantly harassing and bullying for several weeks now?

I hope not, because otherwise one can attest without any ifs or buts that our democracy and our constitutional state are dead in Heilbronn.

I hope that I will not soon be charged with “Nazi blasphemy“ I was taken out of bed by the police at four in the morning and deported.


When I think about it all again, I have to think — whether I want to or not — of a 1981 Max Goldt and Gerd Pasemann We can think of the band “Foyer des Arts” founded in 1937, which even then had the solution to all of our city administration’s problems.

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