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Today I am writing about a very ugly, probably also extremely problematic topic, which will certainly lead to complete incomprehension among many fellow citizens, if not to very drastic reactions. You can hardly approach this topic from the right perspective and that's why I don't even try. I also write — as I have always done here in this weblog — simply from the Lamäng and see for myself where my thoughts lead me.

The reason for this blog post is a couple of very sad conversations that I have been able to listen to over the past few days and even took part in some of them. These, in turn, made me think of a dispute with a self-proclaimed very young Aryan that I had to have as chairman of the EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn in the pedestrian zone. That's why I'm now using this nonsense as the title of my post in order to rule out misunderstandings from the outset and to give those who would very much like to misunderstand me sufficient reason to do so right from the start.

So this self-confessed Aryan, the worst case of a supposed Volksdeutscher, insisted that as an Aryan — neither with a qualified school certificate nor with an apprenticeship as an unemployed German who had also avoided military service — he should be treated by his fellow citizens until his glorious end will be fed. At the same time, he wished me, as a supporter of migration, the plague on my neck and described me as really on the move, as a people pest who helps even worse "people" to destroy the German people.

Somewhat more educated fellow citizens, especially those who can support themselves, wisely refrain from such statements, but only formulate this supposed fact a little more bluntly and ultimately bring the whole thing to the same point: "They or we!"

The problem with this is, who are the "we" and who are the "they"?

I know e.g. B. Not now, which could make me identify with a stupid, lazy slacker and develop a sense of togetherness with him. Citizenship alone connects me to this gentleman. And in the event that he insists on a common "ethnicity", one would then have to further differentiate this, because there are very different German peoples, not to mention the tribes.

In the past, if at all, everyone had a few things in common that could perhaps still be brought together today in an ethnic group that can be made up of three criteria, namely the German language, the religion, whereby the Protestant is decisive and Jews and Catholics just about so would be tolerated, and ultimately then the common "German culture".

And if you took that literally these days, it would certainly get very, very lonely for many of us. Especially if you take your own performance or your own preferences as a benchmark. In any case, you can't make a state with it (anymore). And so there is a slightly more resilient criterion and that is citizenship. And who gets it or not is the job of “administrators” who make decisions based on regulations to the best of their knowledge and belief. The real crux of the matter is that you can inherit your citizenship and that alone makes all the regulations for obtaining citizenship absurd — I'm just listing the self-proclaimed Aryan here.

However, the whole thing does not really lead us any further if we want to determine who “we” actually are. And this always depends on the current environment, the football team, the regulars’ table, the company, the neighborhood, the street, the family, the tour group, etc. It’s always the “we” and usually different each time.

And as a result, the “die” are always different every time.

And even this does not lead us very much further and so one has to ask oneself, what do people actually mean when they speak so vehemently and sometimes very doggedly of "they or we!"?

So I say frankly that this is ultimately just a "distribution problem". If we all lived in paradise, then there would be no such thing as “they or we!”. We would all be "we" and just live by ourselves, even the belching and farting of our own neighbors would hardly knock us off our feet.

The “die” would probably only come into play if we had to fear that someone would want to tear us out of these dreams or if we ultimately even got scared that the “die” would take the butter off our bread.

This would probably determine who the “they” actually are, namely those who we believe endanger our own existence — and thus ultimately everyone else — except oneself — is the “they”, at least potentially.

There is no question that distribution problems exist and they are becoming more and more serious, especially when we realize for ourselves that we are getting older and therefore weaker, more vulnerable and in need of help. And at least at the very end, all those are the "we" who accompany us to our last breath and maybe even make our last few hours easier - even if it were a black African!

And now, very briefly and painlessly: the “They or we!” ramblings, no matter how elaborate, really get nobody any further! But yes, there are good and nice people, as well as bad and bad people - we all are! At least in the eyes of anyone else.

That is why “we” have to look for rules and laws that together make life easier for us. And above all, "we" must also adhere to the rules and laws we have made and then follow them.

And depending on how we do it and when we do it or not, there is "we" the good guys or "we" the bad guys — which can change very often and very drastically in a single human life.

And so we will continue to live together with others, those who have German citizenship and those who do not (yet) have it. And we will continue to live with those who don't speak German, don't have a school diploma or a job, as well as with those who, by our own standards, behave completely wrong or even consistently break rules and laws.

If we can change something, it is by constantly demanding and suing for compliance with the rules and laws. And this is best if we ourselves comply with the rules and laws.

If we want to change something, then by empowering ourselves to speak good German, to believe in God or at least in the good in people, and especially to exemplify the culture that we would so much like to see in others.

"We say and I mean is one of the choicest insults."

Theodor W. Adorno, Minima Moralia (14th edition 2022 [1951]: 217)

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  • And I thought Europe was created through migration and shaped by migration. In this, “Germany” also proves to be a collection of many tribes with similar dialects and ultimately only came into existence as an artificially created nation in the 19th century. developed. Perhaps the Aryan is after all the product of common elimination.