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Where there are people, there will be hostile attitudes from at least one person towards someone or something else. As has often been written, five out of a hundred people are just idiots.

I have to witness such an unbearable example in the run-up to the upcoming federal committee of the EUROPA-UNION. For years now, a few alpha animals have not gotten along well with each other, which even the most ignorant delegate should slowly but surely recognize. But that is also part of normality.

In the meantime, however, the time has come that two of these little animals, which by the way were recently moved into beta existence by the association, only shoot across and claim to always want the best for the association.

One little animal now leads a state association, which continues to bobble along as a somewhat larger district association, and the other has returned to what is supposedly the largest state association, which has owed us proof of its size for years and is also the “largest” and therefore also the most financially strong state association continues to hold on to a "British discount" that was originally granted only temporarily by the other regional associations.

So these two little animals themselves can't do much good for the association — which shouldn't be taken as criticism, since every voluntary commitment is praiseworthy in itself — but they're now shooting more and more out of all tubes. And as I said, solely for very personal reasons.

And so, among other things, transparency is being sued by both of them at the upcoming federal committee. It would be so easy to set a good example yourself and not only set an example for what is required, but also to do better in your own area!

In any case, however, such prepubescent banter or late-senile behavior damages our entire association. We all have much better things to do, especially in this day and age!

Now I'm curious to see whether the two state associations mentioned will succeed in catching their fighting chickens again before the Federal Committee, otherwise I'll have to be a little clearer there again. Because my volunteer work and valuable time is just too good for such games!

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