nuisance of the week

Entry photo: two identical HP laptops

If it hadn't happened to me before, I would have taken it as a sport, but now I'm more than angry about the time I wasted! If you buy new goods from MediaMarkt, then new goods must also be delivered and no broken used items! Once is not necessary, twice is a system!

Today I received two brand new laptops bought from MediaMarkt to set up for a foundation. I like doing something like that because it satisfies my play instinct and I also do a little good in the process.

And unpacking two identical devices next to each other and putting them into operation is always a pleasure for me - but you can increase this even more with additional devices.

And so today I was able to remove two well-packaged HP boxes from the MediaMarkt box. As I was enjoying the good outer packaging, I also noticed two identical PC mice and I was glad that I hadn't disposed of the box prematurely. So far so good.

The first HP box was originally packed and sealed, the second also, whereby I noticed an additional "Original Startklar MediaMarkt" seal and later, after my first rescue attempts, also a red, larger MediaMarkt Service sign for 19.90 euros, which the foundation were probably not calculated.

Taking new computers out of the box and plugging them into the socket always has something nostalgic for me, so I placed both devices next to each other and pressed the respective start button. The MediaMarkt-tuned computer went through user registration very quickly, with the HP computer going through the usual Windows routine and, whoops, was online and functional.

Not so the model à la MediaMarkt, which immediately showed a touchpad weakness. A few more keystrokes and I was also online and, because I connected a mouse to the HP computer and then only logically did the same to the MediaMarkt computer, I began setting up both computers. Since the "ready-to-go" version from MediaMarkt didn't make sense to me, I had Microsoft set up the computer again and immediately found out that this laptop has a full-blown hardware problem, namely the touchpad cannot be started (code 10) .

That can happen, but if a "MediaMarkt-Startklar" expert notices it - he has to, and that on October 17, 2022. But then bringing this defective device to the customer as new for an additional 19.90 euros, that's nice a very special achievement.

As I said, it's unfortunately not the first time that I've experienced something like this at MediaMarkt. Since I buy from MediaMarkt myself, albeit locally in the store, I would have asked this gentleman or this lady tomorrow about their work ethic. But as it is, I will hand over a computer that is not fully set up to the foundation and ask the ladies to deal with MediaMarkt themselves. Hopefully they will find a responsible and understandable contact person there and will not have to send a defective device to China for repair.

I keep my readers up to date.

Addendum 16.11.2022

It was even worse than I had feared, because the ladies didn't just pay the 19.90 euros "breaking bonus" for the used computer, but 19.99 euros, because if MediaMarkt cheats the customer, then it does so in full.

And as feared, the friendly MediaMarkt specialist explained to them on site today that MediaMarkt is not responsible for such "used computers" and that they now have to send them in for repairs.

In about two weeks you will probably find out whether this computer can still be repaired at all.

My conclusion today: if you shop at MediaMarkt, it's your own fault!

The friendly bot asked for the bill etc. I sent all of this to him. His answer is all too human:

"It's really annoying that you have a defect. I don't have access to market systems and the laptop will still be on its way to the workshop. What can I do for you?"

Bot on behalf of MediaMarkt

I just want to say that I consider myself to be in good shape for my age. However, as far as the company MediaMarkt is concerned, I have my doubts!

Addendum 21.11.2022

The computer will now probably be on its way to Central Asia for inspection. The foundation is now improvising. This is what happens when you buy from a thrift store...

Addendum 9.12.2022

Today's written inquiry at MediaMarkt resulted in the following answer:

"Good day Mrs […],

When we asked the workshop, we were told that the replacement part (touchpad) was not available. Since we could not be told when the repair can be completed, we have decided to exchange the device for you.

Please come to our service department with the pick-up receipt, the proof of purchase, the original packaging and the remaining accessories.

With kind regards, 
Best regards and see you soon.

Your Media Markt Heilbronn

MEDIAMARKT email, December 9.12.2022th, XNUMX
    • Thanks, I didn't know about this website. For years I have only bought computers directly from the manufacturer. I still use MediaMarkt for occasional purchases. And up until a few years ago, when I was sold a used high-end amp, I was completely satisfied. The fact that the seller got a red face and handed me a new one without any problems spoke in favor of MediaMarkt. Since that time I can't complain personally - but I wouldn't order something online from MediaMarkt myself, because they are decades behind their competitors.

    • Worse, Ciara is obviously a bot from an unknown company that is supposed to feign customer service for MediaMarkt. I already feel sorry for the two women who have to deal with MediaMarkt about the PC, especially since they ordered the PC “online” there.