• 8.12.02022
    man flu | Nationwide warning day | Heilbronner voice
  • 6.12.02022
    Nicholas | Christmas Party | Dance
  • Fourth December
    In Heilbronn, December 4th has been a very special day since 1944, which some still take as an opportunity to go to the honorary cemetery again.
  • Christmas letter 2022
    We are now in World War III, with most of us taking advantage of the opportunity that still exists and burying our heads in the sand.
  • natural laws
    Our natural laws differ from man-made laws in that they cannot be enforced or overruled by us at will.
  • 1.12.02022
    Meeting | Potemkin | praise

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  1. Danke für den Tipp! Bis auf Zink dürfte ich wohl inzwischen alles bekommen und dies auch sehr regelmäßig. Frage demnächst…

  2. Wenn es um die Männergrippe geht, empfehle ich mal die Blutwerte für ZInk, Vitamin D3 und B12 bei einem kompetenten…

  3. Der Tagesrückblick auf den 8.12.2022 von 🐘HeinrichKuemmerle@mastodon.social mit dem Schwerpunkt #Heilbronn #HeilbronnerStimme #Warntag kuemmerle.name/8-12-02022

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Fritz Singer (1841-1910) already put this problem into a poem decades ago and at the same time combined it with another mystery.

heavy things

And did you also study by day and
at night,

and you have it for a scholar too

two things you never grasp and

The women and the German

"Being a genius certainly has its advantages."

Wile E. Coyote in Operation: Rabbit (1952)