• 4.2.02023
    Neujahrsempfang | Käffchen
  • Groundhog Day
    As soon as you turn around, 30 years have passed.
  • 1.2.02023
    name dispute | Offer | exam
  • 31.1.02023
    Referendum | reality | question of the day
  • 29.1.02023
    break | Circular | dance class
  • 28.1.02023
    weekend | zeros | Katie
  • return
    Our people's parties in particular are causing a storm of enthusiasm among their party people with this topic.
  • 26.1.02023
    exam | Weinsberg | Kaiserschmarrn
  • jury
    Lay judges are honorary judges who participate in the main proceedings of criminal trials.

If you browse through the posts, you will surely find one or the other spelling mistake. I am very happy to receive relevant information.

Fritz Singer (1841-1910) already put this problem into a poem decades ago and at the same time combined it with another mystery.

heavy things

And did you also study by day and
at night,

and you have it for a scholar too

two things you never grasp and

The women and the German

"Being a genius certainly has its advantages."

Wile E. Coyote in Operation: Rabbit (1952)