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For years I have been keeping my fingers crossed about the issue of educational deficits and the lack of public toilets I wrote it in a very sore way, and I made a lot of "good friends" in Heilbronn; my statements were negated and presented as completely false. To make matters worse, those responsible were celebrated by us citizens for their inaction!

And now, all of a sudden, it's so bad that even the dumbest representatives can no longer deny it. But now they're being celebrated for recognizing this and perhaps wanting to do something about it in the future.

As already mentioned, our representatives first throw the baby into the well, only to later profit from the misery of those affected. This is systematic, has long been the case with the armed forces and the police, and can also be observed in the health care system and other government functions.

My conclusion: I personally am not bothered by the lack of toilets or stupid children in Heilbronn. Those who are affected by them or will soon be affected should take care of it.


Yesterday I received the last inquiries from students, which left me somewhat speechless — project management actually has something to do with planning and preparation.

Today I was able to welcome 92 students to the exam. After the students sweated for a good XNUMX minutes, it was now my turn to correct. But first I did a few laps in the pool and then in the evening on the dance floor. And now the correcting is going a little more smoothly.

Born to be wild

Yesterday I was able to watch “Born To Be Wild” (2024) in the arthouse cinema. Oliver Schwehm is an entertaining story about the band Steppenwolf. At least for me, the appearance of Alice Cooper, which I had never actually associated with Steppenwolf before.

More well-known is the fact that both John Kay as well as most Nick St. Nicholas were born in Germany. What I was less aware of was that the former members of Steppenwolf were still touring the world as Steppenwolf derivatives until recently.

For me, Steppenwolf was already history in the early 1980s; the last album I heard was “Skullduggery” (1976).

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