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My better half and I spent a good four hours taking down posters, a few more than we had put up. I hope that my other colleagues were just as hard-working. Tomorrow we'll see where we still need to make adjustments. In any case, we'll try to turn some of our posters and banners into new products. We're breaking new ground and it might even be a successful venture.

A voter turnout of over 60 percent in the European elections is already a success, but unfortunately the 20 percent or so that extremist parties get is less so. But this confirms my fear that a completely over-reaching welfare state has not only made more than 20 percent of our population stupid, but has also left them neglected by their prosperity.

As far as the local elections are concerned, we still have to wait a little longer. The first results should be available tomorrow. This evening, a few election campaigners will sit together and review the events so far.

election day

On the eve of election day, I actually had enough of the election campaign, especially because today not only does the obligatory voting continue, but we also have to take down all the posters and hoarding banners.

That's why I treated myself to “North by Northwest” again Alfred Hitchcock from 1959. In any case, much better than the rest of the program from last night.

All I can do now is ask my readers to vote! And those readers who like to vote on the far right or far left to think again about what they do with their votes.


I spent most of yesterday at meseno. My tasks were crucial - first I dragged benches and tables to the square in front of meseno and finally I dragged them back to the basement.

In between there was a lot to observe and a whole series of good conversations. The reason for the celebration: meseno was 50 years old. The meseno foundation now looks after over 500 families in the southern district of the city, with around 100 children being looked after by the foundation directly on site. I have been supporting the foundation's own social shop, which is considered a pioneer of the Heilbronner Tafeln and is still something very special today, for some time. From time to time I also give tutoring and homework support in the children's home.

Due to their anniversary, meseno also invited the Heilbronn local council. It didn't surprise me that those local councilors who like to describe themselves as social and even prefer to feign social commitment were particularly conspicuous by their absence.

It's just a shame that these hypocrites will be represented again in the next local council.

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