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game night

At the end of an eventful day, a family member pulled out the cards and the day ended in harmony, because everyone managed to win a game.

A little archive work later in preparation for the upcoming trip to Florence and the weekend can begin.


For a few weeks this weblog has also own forum. After a first forum attempt, I called this forum "European regulars' table" and hope to be able to win over at least the former forum users.

I would also like to encourage blog readers to write in forums. Not everyone likes to write entire blog posts or, if they would like to do so, has the time to do so. And leaving a comment on a blog post every now and then is not enough for some.

Also, more and more, once eager, microblog writers, such as on Twitter, are coming to the conclusion that such microblogs are not the yellow of the egg after all.

And so I believe that there is now a sufficient number of forum writers who could make the forum a real added value for many.

Users who are already registered on the weblog can use the forum at any time. "Newcomers" just have to send me an email and I'll unlock them for the forum.

One of my experiences from the first forum attempt is that it is of no benefit to anyone if guests can also post in the forum. So far, this has only led to more bots, spammers and trolls roaming the forums than I could handle as a forum admin.

So I ask the forum readers to understand that they have to be registered in advance in order to be able to write their own posts.

Steinberg Castle

Ever since I looked down from the Gaffenberg, I've wanted to visit the one ruined castle visible on the horizon; this desire has existed for a few decades now. Later I was able to match the castle ruins to Steinsberg Castle in the Kraichgau and I sometimes remembered my project when I drove past Sinsheim on the autobahn.

Later, when I was out on the Gaffenberg with my better half, she couldn't hear it anymore when I saw the castle on the horizon again and remembered my wish.

So the years rolled by and nothing would have changed if I hadn't gone for a short walk to the Steinberg Castle would have been invited.

And now it's done, my imaginary "bucket list" is now one entry emptier. And the nice thing about it is Steinsberg Castle, which is not only easy to hike, but also very easy to visit.

Although it was sunny today, it was still very cool and very windy, so I can understand it quite well that the last resident of the castle, George Frederick of Venningen, accidentally shot in 1718.

In 1972 the von Venningen family sold the castle ruins to the town of Sinsheim, which turned these ruins into a gem. And so from there you not only have a good view of the Gaffenberg, but you can also eat quite well there.

It won't be long before I stop by there again this time.

birthday of the day

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