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I was able to spend the last lesson of the day reading aloud again, with the students now reading the books to the old man. And the nice thing about it is that you can register progress with the students every week.

If they can now manage to sit still, then you will probably hardly be able to stand it for sheer joy.


A simple possibility for us would be to support the Ukraine by collecting Ukrainian deserters or stragglers and bringing them together in our barracks to form powerful Ukrainian infantry battalions. After appropriate training and equipment, they can then help their country significantly and decisively in a few weeks.

Both the EU and the Bundeswehr have the best expertise and sufficient experience to make such young men and women fit to defend their homeland and their families in the shortest possible time.

In this way we are helping the Ukraine and also these unfortunate people, who probably unintentionally shirk their responsibility and will otherwise have little chance of reintegrating in their homeland in the future.

"According to Ukrainian authorities, male citizens between the ages of 18 and 60 are also not allowed to leave the country. They will not be allowed across the border, said the head of the Ukrainian customs authority in Lviv, Danil Menshikov. He asked people not to panic and not try to cross the border on their own.”

Ukraine orders general mobilization — tagesschau 05:00, February 25.2.2022, XNUMX


(1) Anyone who voluntarily leaves his unit or agency or stays away in order to evade the obligation to perform military service permanently or for the duration of an armed deployment or to achieve termination of military service shall be punished with imprisonment for up to five years.

(2) The attempt is punishable.

(3) If the perpetrator turns himself in within one month and is willing to fulfill his obligation to perform military service, the penalty is imprisonment for up to three years.

(4) The provisions on attempted involvement in accordance with Section 30 (1) of the Criminal Code apply accordingly to criminal offenses in accordance with subsection (1).

Military Criminal Law (WStG)


It is becoming increasingly clear that we Germans are the biggest supporters and financiers of the Russian war of aggression. It is now also impossible that the Putin friends like Gerhard Schroeder are a small minority in German politics because they have always been in the majority in all relevant decisions over the past 22 years.

And so it is no longer surprising that our mayor and the Heilbronn municipal council his loyalty to the Nibelungen to the partnership that was only consciously concluded in 2019 with a Russian city that, by the way, has been fully involved in the Ukraine war since 2014 at the latest. You knew from the start what you were getting yourself into! — And once again one did not expect that the rest of the world would be rather skeptical about such German-Russian cooperation.

So it's no big deal that the mayor's new "buddy" is quoted as follows in the Heilbronn voice today:

“Today our troops are liberating the Ukrainian land from the nationalists.” Russia's decision to take part in the “special operation” was “caused by the need to liberate the population of Donbass, exhausted by the eight-year war. And we, the residents of Novorossiysk, fully support our President in this decision.”

Andrej Kravchenko, mayor of our sister city and local secretary of the Putin party "United Russia" (Heilbronner Voice, March 09.03.2022th, 27: XNUMX)

It's no longer surprising that our municipal councils don't get (very) upset when some of their "colleagues" celebrate National Socialism or call for the murder of democratic people's representatives.

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Russia-Ukraine Monitor Map

Checked information is collected on this website in order to make it available to an interested public (after the war). This data can be used very well, for example, in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

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