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legal right

Once again we citizens have a legal right. This time to all-day care for elementary school students. Entitlements are always nice, especially when you're guaranteed to get them yourself. However, those responsible should also ask themselves how they want to implement all of these requirements in reality — and preferably before making such a decision.

We already lack skilled workers everywhere, and you can neither buy them from outside (eg Asia and Africa) nor simply generate them by law. The problem is ultimately that our claims can hardly be covered by reality. Therefore, there will inevitably be some kind of classification within our society:

  • There will be those people whose claims will be made according to the best options and
  • there will be people whose claims will only be covered on paper or by completely unqualified forces.

Completely exaggerated claims always create and cement a kind of class society, which is obviously what our parties strive for - especially those who describe themselves as social.

If we want to preserve our open, democratic society, then we must first adapt our claims to the given realities and not to any wishful thinking.

And if we continue like this, one of the upcoming Bundestags will guarantee us the legal right to eternal life.


We Germans are said to have a very special and intense relationship with the forest. So it's amazing that the current federal government, at the last minute, with its "Forest Strategy until 2050", is further cementing the overexploitation of German forests, just as it has been undermining European demands for animal welfare and consumer protection for years, or even worse, as long as humanly possible to keep burning coal alive; we have known since the 1970s at the latest that this is not only very harmful to the environment, but that the coal is also far too valuable to simply be burned.

It's funny how we like to point all fingers at China, for example, where people and nature are sacrificed for progress, although we've been doing this ourselves for decades without any inhibitions, and for the benefit of fewer fellow citizens and a comfortable one Live for most of us, really sacrifice everything - even the German forest.

European regular's table

Every first Tuesday of the month, the European federalists and other interested people from Heilbronn meet to exchange ideas in a Heilbronn restaurant. And it's always a nice get-together, with the topics not only revolving around Europe and the EUROPA-UNION, but also picking up on current affairs.

So that's the European regular's table a good opportunity to get a taste of “lived Europe”.

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