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As we learned yesterday, the Bundeswehr continues to receive only enough money to cover the investments of party donors and ideological escapades — and so the Bundeswehr remains the first choice for supporting cousins.

Anyone who still believed that our politicians, whether in government or in opposition, would finally usher in a change of times was seriously mistaken. Regardless of the fact that we are all standing on the brink of an abyss, we must continue to secure our own privileges first and then look after our cousins.

No wonder that citizens are increasingly fed up with politics!


"Inspector General warns of Russian attack from 2029“ (NTV, July 8.7.2024, 01, 58:XNUMX a.m.), which, by the way, coincides with my comments here in the blog, among others.


This weekend was very eventful and informative, which led me to the decision that I would now devote myself more to philosophy. Not because people who are dissatisfied with the world turn to philosophy, but simply and solely because I wanted to do this when I was young, but was so busy that I didn't get around to it.

I don't have a cabin in the Black Forest, but the attic should be enough for my new project.


The decision of the French yesterday was very pleasing. On the one hand, a lot of people went to vote and on the other hand, they did not channel their frustration with professional politics into voting for fascists. They largely stayed true to themselves and voted more for socialists, which does not get them out of their misery, but does not mean the complete downfall of France and Europe.

In contrast to France, the frustration with professional politics in many other European countries is also very great, but unfortunately the citizens there immediately use this to switch to the right-wing extremist parties and here in Germany even to National Socialism.

If we want to save our democracy as a whole, we need functioning parties that can do their job, competent politicians (legislature) and, above all, institutions (executive and judicial) that sanction democratic misconduct and criminal activities.

Unfortunately, worn-out parties and incompetent politicians only lead to us citizens turning our backs on democracy as a whole.

By the way, I recommend that the next French government does not try to pass on the costs of French savoir-vivre to the rest of Europe, because that would also destroy European democracy.


This quick analysis of Christian Moss I don’t want to withhold this from my readers.

Europe breathes a sigh of relief
But France is threatened by ungovernability

The good news is that the right-wing extremist party Marine Le Pens, Rassemblement National (RN), only becomes the third strongest force. After the first round of voting, an absolute majority of seats in the National Assembly did not seem out of the question. However, the RN has now fallen far short of this. France will not be governed by a right-wing extremist prime minister. The republican front against the RN has held. This makes the path to a Le Pen presidency in 2027 significantly less likely. Europe is breathing a sigh of relief.

The bad news for Europe is that the strongest party of the Front Populaire, the left-wing front, which was formed after the surprise dissolution of parliament by President Emmanuel Macron As expected, the left-wing extremist La France Insoumise (LFI), or “Unyielding France”, became the party of the populist millionaire Jean Luc Mélenchon is, however, at least as eurosceptic as the RN. The LFI rejects the "Europe of Maastricht" and, like the RN, no longer wants to supply weapons to Ukraine. Mélenchon is demanding the office of prime minister for the Left Front and thus for himself.

However, it is unlikely that this will happen, as the Left Front does not have an absolute majority of seats. The pro-European parties, which support the president in the Ensemble (“Together”) formation, Emmanuel Macron are unlikely to join forces with the Eurosceptic and anti-Semitic left-wing populist. Ensemble is likely to reach out to the resurgent French socialists (social democrats), the Greens and the conservatives who did not support Le Pen. The left front could break open. However, the differences between the non-extremist, pro-European forces remain great.

Will Macron appoint a cabinet of experts that would be acceptable to these centrist forces? If in doubt, France - the Fifth Republic does not have coalition governments - faces a year of ungovernability. The president may only dissolve the National Assembly again after 12 months. New elections in just over a year are therefore not unlikely. For Europe, which urgently needs reforms and is facing an existential challenge, French instability is not good news, despite all the relief over the unexpectedly weak performance of the RN.

Christian Moss, LinkedIn

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