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For some time now, my better half has been motivating me again and again meseno stop by and help out at the meeting point. In the meantime, I'm booked on Fridays and can try my hand at homework help or act as a reading mentor.

But I like it best when it comes to the games and sports units — after the homework, of course. And meanwhile I can also observe the first successes with the boys, which is certainly due to the entire commitment of the meseno support team.

And since there are two boys who not only like to play chess, but also play it quite well, I'm all the happier if we can play a game again.

It's hard to imagine how well the boys could develop if there were other volunteers who stayed on the ball and made sure that the lack of family care and the lack of knowledge among the legal guardians are fully compensated.

More consistency

Heilbronn municipal councils, who are actually not interested in Heilbronn's inner city problems, are now calling for more consistency in the Heilbronner Voice (08.04.2022/25/XNUMX: XNUMX). Depending on their political orientation, they demonize fellow citizens or demand even more spending for their own clientele.

We cannot choose our fellow citizens and certainly not bake them ourselves. Many of us can no longer even raise our own children to be halfway decent people. And we don't have a good hand when it comes to choosing our people's representatives.

Heike Kinkopf means that "the competent office for public safety and order, social affairs and health to have gone on dive station" seems to. It only looks like that because the mayor is not at all interested in Heilbronn issues, the responsible mayor is unsuitable and overall our corresponding administrative employees do not shine through commitment or the search for solutions.

I've been writing my fingers sore about this for a few years now. If we want to improve this misery, which has now also been confirmed from other quarters, then we need a new top management and at least major changes in the municipal council.

Anyone who believes that something can be changed, but leaves everything as it is, is very wrong!

compulsory vaccination

This debate with her expected unpleasant outcome clearly shows that our professional policy has not only been completely exhausted, but that it is no longer able to govern our country at all.

Ulrike Bauerlein (Heilbronner Voice, April 08.04.2022th, 2: XNUMX) puts this in a nutshell in her comment “System error”: “In this way, the political system flushes unsuitable candidates into the highest offices.“Yesterday the many representatives of the people who were not at all suitable for their job at least managed to end the tragedy about compulsory vaccination.

This saves all administrations from the foreseeable tragedy of having to enforce a duty in vain or, alternatively, simply ignoring it again.

comment of the day

Daniel Deckers also comments on the electoral reform in Baden-Württemberg in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (April 07.04.2022, 21.52: XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.): Historical decisions

For comparison: my own statement of April 7, 2022

birthday of the day

Jacques Brel

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  • The lines of Heike Kinkopf's voice are unusually sharp.
    The HSt, but before and after Wolfgang Bok, is known to be more wheelhouse-friendly.

    The input in this field here is in light green font and is hardly legible.
    please change, thanks

    • This is actually my favorite green and is also supposed to be easy on the eyes. Since I torture the keyboard without looking, I haven't noticed it until now.

      I'll think about it and ask my readers about it.