Letter to the editor

Hardly back from reading, my better half drew my attention to a letter to the editor in today's Heilbronner Voice (December 08.12.2021, 28: XNUMX). Annekatrin Muth write the following:

"Does anyone have any more ideas?

For the mayoral election in Heilbronn, candidature of Raphael Benner

What happened was what I feared among friends a few days ago: There will be only one opposing candidate for the election of the mayor in Heilbronn, namely one from the AfD. Why is there no "real" candidate to Harry Mergel in a democracy? Doesn't anyone have any more ideas? No more courage? Are potential candidates stuck in their comfortable positions? Has everyone - except Mr. Benner - been lulled to sleep? Do citizens now have to vote for AfD to get another mayor in Heilbronn? Not voting is stupid too... That can't be right!"

Annekatrin Muth, Heilbronn

Annekatrin Muth writes what moves a lot of people in Heilbronn, and I can only agree with her wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, however, the Heilbronn party leaders see things completely differently and have been following the "Heilbronner way" for several years - one keeps to oneself and negotiates all posts and posts in back rooms, and if one is voted out, one finds ways and means as recently read herehow to continue to care for these poor people.

With the coming mayor election, we now have a de facto “Heilbronn unity party” for the first time — and even the voice of Heilbronn is proud of it — and, if we citizens are not careful, we will be presented with a single list of 2024 city council candidates for the first time in 40, with the note that all Democrats must also vote for them.

And please, dear Heilbronner, elect the old and new mayor! It's hard to imagine what will happen if he doesn't get elected. The Heilbronn parishes will then nominate an anti-pope, and the mayor who has been voted out will in future sit on a golden throne in the Kilianskirche and receive "his parish" on weekdays from 14.00 p.m. to 14.30:XNUMX p.m.

Read out

Today "my" grade 4 sweetened me in the Dam Elementary School the day. For a few readings we have been struggling together through a book that the class had chosen themselves after consultation with the teacher.

The book is peppered with Latin technical terms and words in Chinese, Spanish, English and French, which can already challenge some more experienced readers. It works better and better and I also like the different melodies of speech, which come from the respective mother tongues of the students and thus round off the entire book. Since the topic is also right and the book includes the latest findings that didn't exist when I was at school, it's a really well-rounded thing.

And from time to time, reading becomes more fluent for all students.


It is always a pleasure to read that Dieter schwarz invested in education. However, it would be far better for our democracy if wealthy people, instead of building “parallel societies”, optimized the existing educational infrastructure, the existence of which is well founded and, if properly financed, continues to make a lot of sense, in such a way that society as a whole benefits from it .

So it would be a good idea if citizens with a lot of money would sponsor a public school, because these are our true educational institutions, and then convert them into wonderful educational eldorados in cooperation with the responsible teachers and more active students.

I understand very well that such a school will not look exactly the way one imagines it as a sponsor and patron and would certainly like to have it, but this is also an educational success, because our society and especially our democracy thrive on cooperation and compromise.

birthdays of the day

Jim Morrison and Jean Sibelius