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Post photo: Affenmusik | © Pixabay

nuclear sharing

In free Europe, only France and the United Kingdom have nuclear weapons. One can assume that thanks to US support, those of the UK will also work and can contribute to a credible deterrent.

Germany also assumes responsibility within the framework of NATO with nuclear sharing and thus contributes a small part to deterring Russia and China. Nuclear sharing is an essential core of NATO's defense strategy; this has guaranteed us peace and freedom since 1949.

The today exit from nuclear sharing demanded by the Greens is Germany's first step out of NATO. The Greens are adopting the SED/PDS/Left ideology and endangering the security of our country and of us citizens.

What politicians don't do to get into power.


Not only do we Europeans make small fortresses out of our countries, meanwhile the USA has also become a single exclusion zone. The justifications for border controls or border closures are becoming more and more diverse.

A visa and the well-known ESTA form are no longer sufficient for entry into the USA, and the presentation of a negative PCR test or antigen test is also of little help.

Now it all depends on a National Interest Exceptions (NIE) form, which is almost impossible to get. I have learned from a usually well-informed source that the US is currently rejecting 99% of applications, leaving hundreds of thousands of EU citizens waiting to be allowed to travel back to the US.

And anyone who believes that human dignity or human rights still count for anything is terribly mistaken; these only count for us if someone can enrich themselves. And what happens to societies when rights become commodities can be seen everywhere at the moment.

surfer wave

Thomas Aurich presents a few ideas for Heilbronn in the Heilbronner voice today. The one with the surfer wave could definitely be something, but in my opinion more behind the hydroelectric power station, where the canoes were already on the move, and please no other gastronomy.

Also with the idea that Wollhaus area to rebuild it in such a way that it can serve as an attraction, among other things, is something I can really get used to. And more green in the city can never hurt either.

However, the open-air stage is not only far too expensive, but also hardly feasible or even playable. For safety reasons alone — I still remember well how we, as lifeguards, pulled drunk people out of the river at the Neckarfest.

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The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe monitors compliance with the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany.

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