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reading godfather

Today's reading was special because there was a minute's silence at 11.34:XNUMX a.m. But then things continued with the robber Hotzenplotz.

Before that I met with Detlef Stern, who is also active as a reading mentor at the Damm primary school. As always, there was a lot to tell. In addition to everyday university life, this time there was also a bit of local politics, which was probably more due to the election campaign. In any case, classic project management would be a good basis for both administrations. One could also explore the question of who is ultimately more resistant to education: today's university students or professional politicians.

In any case, we are both excited to see how we will fare in the local council election, both as a list and as individual candidates. We are both convinced that there will be life for us after the election.

Speed ​​dating

In the evening I had myself Herbert Burkhardt arranged for speed dating. He was the organizer City and district youth group. For me it was since the 1970s again the first encounter with this committee. And even back then there wasn't much going on there, which I could tell from the people involved.

Our competition sent their female, male and diverse Philip Amthors for speed dating and so it should have been no surprise that not a single young person came to the meeting. This event ended very quickly.

Nevertheless, my thanks go to the young people organizing the event who were able to learn something today. However, the city employees who look after the young people should still ask themselves whether they are actually up to their job.

The remaining time of speed dating was possible Herbert Burkhardt and I exchanged ideas a bit with each other before he went to the next “election campaign event”. Since I already knew them, I didn't bother accompanying him - "Tote Hosen" was never really my thing.

I was very happy when I returned Franz Schirm is now advertising our annual European barbecue. Since this event is organized and carried out purely on a voluntary basis, I really don't have to worry about its success. On the contrary, I'm already looking forward to meeting very nice people there again.

Bathing pleasures

Yesterday I was able to do my laps again for a long time. Conclusion: the days when I looked at the clock every 1 meters are long gone! Still, it was fun to just swim a few lengths in the sports pool. Afterwards I relaxed a bit in the outdoor pool in the best weather and here too everything was civilized and carefree.

Only the fact that even older people from Heilbronn leave the bathroom unwashed shows that our customs are no longer the same as they used to be. What motivates people to spend several hours in the indoor swimming pool with make-up on and a hairdryer on without getting a single strand of hair wet is beyond my understanding.

But being nice, I dived for a lady's sunglasses, because swimming is half as much fun without sunglasses. But you shouldn't get upset about other people in full-body swimsuits, because their hygiene standards are the same.

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