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Spoiled for choice

Reiner Haseloff has shown that it is still possible to win elections here with seriousness — which, by the way, is very gratifying. Unfortunately, however, our federal ministers show that he is probably one of the very few in his party who are at least still trying to be serious. Already at Armin Laschet one has to wonder why he is necessarily a grandson of Charlemagne wants to be and what kind of understanding of democracy is behind it. A possible partisan alternative, which the B90/Greens would like to be, fails because of the first chancellor candidate, Annalena baerbock, who considers herself so unsuitable that her party is constantly trying to pimp the relevant CV — which has now become a well-established tradition in the German Bundestag, which, as we have learned again and again, gives cross-party wannabes a stage. More candidates, like Markus Söder and Olaf Scholz, are already out of the race, although the latter has not yet recognized it, and his colleagues are also doing little to give this perhaps too old party a semblance of seriousness again. Oskar Lafontaine is once again a little faster and recommends not to vote for his new party at all. And the last in the round Christian Lindner, who so gracefully shied away from responsibility last time, is now letting everyone know he's up for anything and everything.

This time we really have them Spoiled for choice; the only good thing is that these are still democrats and even the worst democrat is still better than the very best dictator.


On my way north downtown, I met a couple of city councilors who wore their masks in an exemplary manner, even outside of the city's designated zone.

I was very happy that Herbert Burkhardt took time for a little small talk, but then, like the other councillors, continued on his way down the avenue. I, on the other hand, had to continue through the smaller streets into Sülmerstraße, only to find out again that the city's loosening not only reactivated the well-known drinking scene in the pedestrian zone and caused a lot of public traffic, but also due to a lack of controls and lack of public toilet facilities, that I was again allowed to dispose of human piles, and this probably to the great astonishment of our bums and beggars, who obviously like it when others work.

How great must the need in Heilbronn be that people go to the toilet in front of those houses in the pedestrian zone that don't have any screens!

When I then got into conversation with a Heilbronn businessman while cleaning up the last remains of faeces, I realized that I'm not the only one who is less and less convinced of our city administration.

It would be so easy, instead of thinking about other attractions, such as grand staircases or attractive drinking opportunities, to ensure that Heilbronn residents and their guests in the city can also go to the toilet — not only virtually on the Heilbronn website, but in real life.

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