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Such a disease does not actually exist, just like obesity, laziness, stupidity or the burnout that has become so popular recently. Some people just dance to different music.

And so, at the latest since my psychology degree, I have been convinced that this is also just about getting as many fellow human beings as possible into some kind of occupation; and this will probably only change when we have succeeded in no longer defining life in terms of work.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to delve a little more into the normal madness Michel Foucault: "Madness and Society: A History of Madness in the Age of Reason" (1961). And if you want to deal with the topic a little more quickly, you can refer to a guest article in the New York Times (May 5.5.2023, XNUMX) in which Huw Green asks, "How Miserable Are We Supposed to Be?" — my readers can do this one read here for free.

In this post will John Rickman quoted as follows: "Madness is when you can't find anyone who can stand you." And Derek Bolton rightly notes there that "Mental disorder is more or less whatever a community decides it is.“ and that brings us back to that Michel Foucault would be. And those of us who are a bit older will surely remember it too Diogenes, who is said to have wandered through ancient Greece naked and masturbating.

And so we will continue to choose many diseases and medicines that promise healing based on what is currently socially opportune and also promises the most and most lucrative jobs.


My weeks are mostly the same length and still consist of seven days. They have also started on Mondays since 1976, which I took some getting used to at the time, but now it's a matter of course. By resolution of the United Nations, Monday has been the first day of the week internationally since 1978, so Sunday together with Saturday became the weekend. Which, among other things, led to the fact that we got no school on Saturdays until the end of my school days.

So today I can look back on a very eventful week. We danced into May right at the beginning, then greeted the new month with a May party, enjoyed two regulars' tables, and I was also allowed to work as a reading mentor, lecturer and tutor. And my ride on the meseno bus was part of it again.

I was able to crown the whole thing with dance lessons and stays in the city pool. Unfortunately, and quite surprisingly, I was also able to devote myself to my Internet connection and the devices that went with it, which sorted itself out again after a good two days of online help and service bots. Which makes me happy but also leaves me a bit perplexed. I experienced another surprise when I had to reactivate my inDesign skills. Although I managed to familiarize myself with the software again, the necessary changes in the given files made me very quickly aware of why there are professional agencies — and why they are so artistic with their works.

Actually, the week was for my new gadget reserved. Unfortunately, however, the manufacturer was unable to deliver on time, so we agreed that he would make a second attempt after my return from the USA.

The variety of topics this week was remarkable and also led to my conversations with John Marsia and Francois Mennerat now also via a Federalist Manifesto and an associated appeal, which is to be officially presented in Brussels on May 9, 2023 Entry into the forum have found. And maybe on September 23, 2023, at the Hertenstein Talks, we will succeed in reconciling this manifesto with the intended manifesto of our federal association. A few e-mails have been distributed and the discussion can also be continued in the forum until then. There has been a draft constitution there for some time, which Javier Giner is very actively promoted. If you take a closer look at these two concepts alone, you can see how differently federalism is viewed and discussed even in our association.

Wrong way

No matter how you take it, our well-staffed and continuously growing city administration is doing well. And the ways to do this are very imaginative. There is hardly an EU or other funding program that is not converted into new or at least better-paid posts.

And even the "fate" of refugees arriving in Heilbronn is first and foremost used to gain further traction in the administration. In the meantime, our city administration has probably reached a size where it no longer needs the city and us citizens to be fully utilized.

This self-employment leads to more and more blossoms and so it is not surprising that our city administration is the top priority when it comes to innovative care concepts for our own employees.

As we only recently found out, the Deutschlandticket is sponsored by Bahn for city employees, which will add at least 1 million euros to our city coffers every year (Heilbronner Voice, May 2, 5, 2023:16 p.m.). And so one might ask oneself whether it is still the luxury showers needed, which the city employees will receive shortly, because they come to work with tax-funded bikes, which actually makes no sense, since they are all electrically operated.

Since 2014, all employees in the city of Heilbronn, incidentally the first major city in Baden-Württemberg to make such a lucrative offer to its employees, have been able to choose a bicycle or pedelec from a dealer, which is said to be “high quality”. The leasing rate is then deducted from their salary over a period of three years, which reduces their taxable income. At the end of the term, employees can, if they wish, take over their bikes at the residual value. Unfortunately, I was not able to find out how much this measure costs us each year.

And so it would at least be a good sign to strengthen Heilbronn as a bicycle-friendly municipality, as the city administration likes to see itself, if we could then at least save on the official vehicles of our city employees. Because within Heilbronn you can easily ride an electric bike — even to Sontheim or even to Biberach. And then take the train to meet external appointments shortly.

This would also have the advantage for all of us that administrative employees who travel by rail will certainly ensure that Heilbronn again has an adequate rail connection. I'm pretty sure that as soon as a mayor or at least a district administrator is stranded in Würzburg or Mannheim for the first time, the expansion of the Frankenbahn will only be a matter of weeks.

But until then, we are still on the wrong track with our city administration.

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."

Henry David Thoreau, Walden (2020 [1854]:302)

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  • The wooden path leads into the thicket, but not out. So without a goal (but he leads) ... Can be understood here as a parable or almost as a euphemism 😉