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battle trench

I can't help but read this article Yegor Firsov in the New York Times on March 7, 2023. Yegor Firsov is currently a Ukrainian infantryman and has written to his wife from the trenches in Ukraine; she translated the letter into English and made it available to the New York Times.

Yegor Firsovs report “A Trench Is a Place With a Special Energy. I Should Know.” is calm, coherent and therefore very readable. So I present this to the weblog readers for free reading is available for storage, management and analysis.

Meanwhile, our heroes stick themselves to streets or other objects and more than clearly show the total disintegration of an overblown welfare state - I blame those who produced and raised such heroes. However, the other German heroes who sneak up on party machines without any merit of their own are no better!


It has actually been an impossibility for years to not get a school-leaving certificate in Baden-Württemberg, but according to an article by Martin Oversohl in the Heilbronner voice (March 6.3.2023th, 4: 2021) in 6209 5 young people did not have a school-leaving certificate. In Baden-Württemberg it should actually always be around 5% of the students who end up without a school-leaving certificate, which in turn would speak in favor of my XNUMX% clause, which I have often mentioned here.

I'm just a bit irritated that although it's still more than 6% nationwide and up to a good 13% in the less educationally disadvantaged federal states - but in general there are fewer and fewer students without a school certificate, which could suggest that doctorates aren't just given away in Germany . However, even the most irresponsible education policy will probably not manage to keep the quota under the "magic" 5% to press.

And so, taking into account another fact, namely that during the same periods of time, the number of absentees from teachers and school hours continues to increase, one might come to the conclusion that, in the end, no school at all would be best for all students. The Waldorf schools already seem to confirm this as a first step.

In any case, it would be worth trying to simply offer students a final exam after a certain age without going to school. I suspect that even then only 5% of all pupils would be left without a school-leaving certificate, and this without any action being taken by educational policy or the school apparatus.

And even if there were more students, that no longer plays a role for our education politicians and our society, since according to the voice article mentioned, you should now get a training guarantee from the state even without any school qualifications.

Has anyone ever thought about what this means for training companies that are now supposed to train people who not only refuse to learn to read, write and calculate, but who are also too lazy to regularly take classes or at least take an exam ? But as the SPD likes to propagate: “Education must not be exhausting!” there will soon be political solutions for this as well.

However, the education system could also be reformed in such a way that teachers are given the opportunity again — motivated and committed — to teach even the “worst” students something, at least up to a secondary school leaving certificate.


At the end of yesterday there was a board meeting of the Free Voters and I was very pleased that we came up with decent results in just over an hour. And so everyone can look forward to new events, including an information event on wind energy.

We also managed to define the cornerstones for the amendment to the articles of association that had become necessary. Since all meeting participants still had a few more things to do, we postponed the comfortable part to the free voters' get-together next Wednesday.

"Stupidity is not a natural quality at all, but something socially produced and reinforced."

  • Well, since teachers in particular also convey our crude, out-of-track “value system” to the students, I don’t see any chance of anything changing in the foreseeable future. Note this report that today's high school graduates can no longer cope with the math test of the Realschule students of 1971.

    • Our teachers are obliged to teach and set an example for the free democratic basic order (value system); it is politics that is increasingly allowing anti-democrats to teach.

      And it is not the teachers who are responsible for the educational canon. Nor are they alone in deciding who graduates or not — I tend to see our teachers as victims of the education system, although I have to admit that some teachers make themselves very comfortable in it. It would have to be examined more closely whether this is for self-protection or whether it is due to the wrong choice of teacher.

      As the world moves on, I don't think it makes sense to be able to complete exams from 1971. Unfortunately, however, it is now a fact that a welfare state dumbs down the people living in it - intelligence is no longer needed as it used to be.

      That's why we have to rethink and revise our education system as a whole so that it can advance our society as a whole. Maybe then we will all become smarter again and laugh about the exams from 1971.

  • 5% sounds pretty optimistic. Shouldn't the real problems then be found in the remaining 95%?