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For a good three years now, I've been happy when other bloggers use my weblog to offer my readership different opinions. As is well known, blogs are not to be confused with news services, although these too tend to disseminate opinions more and more often. I can only recommend these journalists to try a personal blog as well. Due to their profession, these weblogs should then have a very good reach right from the start.

This supposed range is probably also to blame for the fact that many microbloggers tend to let themselves go on social media rather than resorting to the tried and tested forum. And so I miss one or two bloggers or readers on my forum here; this would be a very simple way to communicate with each other very quickly and much better than accusing one another of intolerance or mutual "blocking" via Twitter on its numerous copies or other social media channels.

And so I would be delighted if my readers also from Forum Make use of it, because I believe that this is more sustainable than simply spreading your own wisdom on social media - although it ultimately doesn't matter how many people or bots have read it or even reacted to it, but only alone on how many people have really understood this wisdom.

In any case, I am very happy that Hans Müller signaled today after Kevin McCarthy in the fifteenth (!) ballot has now been elected speakerde, soon to post a corresponding blog post here.


A technical term that I still like to use, because you're also a student when you're not studying and that should happen more often than you think. And a student, someone who is studying right now, does not necessarily have to be a student, because other things are needed for that.

In any case, I've had a couple of relevant conversations over the last few days, which now give me hope that we'll make quite a bit of progress with my lecture on Tuesday. Which is also necessary, because with that I close my lecture series for this semester and offer only one repetition the following week.

February 1, 2023 will be the moment of truth and we will know whether I have been able to express myself clearly enough over the past few months.

It will be a little easier on Friday when I can read again at the Dammgrundschule and then go to the meseno homework help. And who knows, maybe I'll meet the first "students" there, because our Minister of Education certainly had enough time over the turn of the year to come up with more nonsense.

Just like some idiots around the Department of Defense who now differentiate between assault and defense tanks, although these experts don't even know what a tank is. However, this ignorance has probably meanwhile become the absolute prerequisite for being able to pursue a career in Berlin at all; which probably comes right after the scam with educational qualifications of all kinds.


Today I was very pleasantly surprised. A welcome interlocutor announced his telephone call in advance by e-mail, because Berlin is a bit further away and as is well known, many people there have been living behind the moon for a long time. But they still exist, Berliners, with whom you can have reasonable and productive conversations.

And so I had a very pleasant phone call today, which also ended with a result that was acceptable for everyone. And shortly thereafter, I received another e-mail that contained the content of the conversation and the result, which I was happy to confirm immediately.

They still exist, highlights of human communication! And so I'm already looking forward to next Tuesday and the following Wednesday, because first there is the monthly European regulars' table and then the free voters' regulars' table. Both in presence and also in a very good restaurant. This ensures that there will be further very stimulating discussions next week.

Already on Monday I will contact you Detlef Stern together and this ensures, at least for me, that this day will also offer at least one good conversation.

She is only one for all, but everyone sees her differently,
     The fact that one thing remains makes the different true.”

Friedrich schiller, Musen-Almanach for the year 1797 (2015 [1796]:89)
  • I think a forum is too cumbersome and visually too far away for an exchange on blog articles. Better invest in a good comment function (and sharpen this low-contrast green font here).

    On the topic of reach and your own blog:
    If I don't want to be subject to the censorship of any ideologues and self-proclaimed do-gooders and otherwise want to retain (essential) control over my content, there's no way around having my own blog.
    But journalists are more interested in "quick reach" and don't want to go to the trouble of building a community. They are then at the mercy of Twitter, FB and Co and can only write what is acceptable there. And there we have it, the bubble...